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Paraprofessional Exporatory Task Committee Report

The Paraprofessional Exploratory Task Committee (PETC), formed in the spring of 2008, was charged to study paraprofessionals in civil engineering and "identify issues that ASCE should address" related to their integration into civil engineering project teams and the civil engineering community as a whole. The PETC was also charged to establish a definition of the paraprofessional, examine examples of paraprofessionals in other professions, and provide examples of paraprofessionals working in civil engineering. The PETC completed its work and submitted a report to the ASCE Board of Direction in September 2008. The PETC identified five issues that ASCE should address. ASCE is currently considering how to proceed with the evaluation of these five issues in order to properly integrate paraprofessionals into civil engineering. Paraprofessional Exploratory Task Committee Report (September 2008)