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Disaster Preparedness & Mitigation

So, You Live Behind a Levee

Faced with the daunting responsibility of building and repairing the infrastructure of devastated communities, civil engineers are at the forefront of efforts to minimize loss to life and property through preparedness and mitigation. ASCE provides a range of resources to help civil engineers, related professionals and the public contribute to this important effort.

Committees and Coalitions

Committee on Critical Infrastructure

Council on Disaster Risk Management

Mitigation Pre- and Post-Disaster Committee

Natural Hazards Alliance Supports Federal hazards mitigation research and improved emergency response to natural hazards.

NEHRP Coalition Supports funding for the National Earthquake Hazards Research Program.

Wind Hazard Reduction Coalition Supports funding for the National Windstorm Impact Reduction Program. 


Disaster Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Natural Hazards Review (Journal)

So, You Live Behind a Levee!