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Related Committees 

The following ASCE committees each play roles in shaping and driving the Society's Raise the Bar initiative. Click on each for the names of the professionals serving on them.  

Raise the Bar Committee
Charge: The Raise the Bar Committee shall direct, oversee, and coordinate the Society's implementation of ASCE's Raise the Bar strategic initiative.
Committee on Licensure 
Charge: The Committee on Licensure shall promote the licensure of civil engineers, collaborate with others involved in professional licensure, and monitor, support, and encourage licensure activities.
Committee on Accreditation
Charge: The Committee on Accreditation shall administer all activities involving ASCE’s participation in ABET accreditation.

Committee on Advancing the Profession 
Charge: The Committee on Advancing the Profession shall advance the civil engineering profession and the professional practice of civil engineers.