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ASCE Library


ASCE Library provides a comprehensive online tool for locating articles of interest across all disciplines of civil engineering. It's where civil engineering experts around the world publish their ideas, opinions, and research. It's how practicing engineers can stay connected to the latest developments in the civil engineering field.

Online Resources

The ASCE Library gives you immediate, 24/7 access to an enormous collection of technical and practical information that is available for immediate PDF download:

  • 35 ASCE journals (1983 to the present);
  • 350 volumes of conference proceedings (2000 to the present);
  • more than 1,000,000 journal articles and proceedings papers; and
  • more than 300 e-books and standards.

Coming in 2014

Access to Single Article Publishing, final copyedited and author proofed papers published online within 8 weeks of acceptance.

At Your Fingertips

The ASCE Library contains searchable abstracts that can be accessed at no charge, as well as PDFs of the corresponding articles; the PDFs can be purchased individually or by personal or corporate subscriptions. A variety of research tools are at hand, too:

  • Browse journals by title, table of contents, or publication date.
  • Browse proceedings and e-books by title, area of interest, or publication date.
  • Search the entire ASCE Library by any word or name.
  • Search inside a particular journal or proceedings by any word or name.
  • Connect to ASCE's online permission service to reuse ASCE journal and proceedings materials in your publications.