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Take Survey: Best Ways to Cut Greenhouse Gases in Electric Generation

'Scorecard' survey assesses potential effectiveness of options

Founders Society logoFrom the next 10 years to the next 40, what will be our best options for significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions while meeting our electricity needs? As a member of the Founders Society Carbon Management Initiative, ASCE is seeking your opinions. The initiative is conducting a scorecard-based survey to assess the merits of various greenhouse gas management options in electricity generation. Fill out the electric power scorecard, informed by your expertise, and help shape a direction for action.

The U.S. and other nations are pursuing a broad range of technology options to mitigate potential climate change impacts. Do we run the risk of expending our financial and R&D capital on options that will not be available in a timely manner? The scorecard results will help provide guidance. The objective is to identify options that could be implemented in sufficient quantity to reduce GHG significantly in the 2020 and 2050 timeframes. In general, options for the 2020 timeframe will be different from those that become important in 2050.

The scorecard structure:
•  Options: Technologies and/or other measures that could reduce GHG emissions
•  Attributes: An A-B-C-D-E grading system for each option; combined, they will yield a relative potential for success in a timely manner of each option.

The electric power scorecard rates major types of power sources, including coal, gas, and renewable resources, by attributes including technical issues, cost, environmental and risk issues, and timing of significant implementation.

The Founders Society Carbon Management Initiative is a collaborative effort formed by five engineering societies -- ASCE, AIChE, AIME, ASME and  IEEE. Its goal is to apply unbiased, interdisciplinary, state-of-the-art engineering expertise to identify practical steps the country can take toward managing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the electric power scorecard, another scorecard survey focuses on transportation (4-wheel passenger vehicles).

Take the scorecard now
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