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Petition Process for G-I Board of Governors


2014 Petition Process
Geo-Institute Board of Governors

Download .pdf of 2014 Petition Process

Excerpt from G-I Policy and Procedures Manual

“The candidate(s) for governor-elect will then be announced to the membership-at-large via Geo-Strata magazine or other appropriate means to include the world wide web. Together with this announcement will be an explanation of the procedure to be followed to place alternative candidate(s) on the ballot. About forty-five (45) days would be allowed for the required petition(s) to be submitted to G-I headquarters.”

Revised Petition Policy – Approved June 19, 2013

To add candidates to the ballot via petition, signatures expressing support for a candidate must be obtained from a minimum of 150 GI members in good standing with the following distribution requirements:

  • At least fifteen signatures shall be obtained from each of at least five different ASCE Geographic Regions for a total of 75 signatures from five of the ten ASCE Geographic Regions (i.e., 15 signatures/region times 5 regions = 75 signatures).
  • The balance of the remaining signatures necessary to reach the minimum requirement of 150 may be obtained without consideration of ASCE Geographic Region distribution.

The Geo-Institute Member Identification number shall be provided for each signee. G-I staff shall check the validity of all petitions. Once verified, the candidate(s) shall be added to the ballot. No petitions will be accepted after the specified deadline has passed.

Deadline for 2014 Petitions: Thursday, May 29, 2014, 5:00 p.m. EDT

Send petitions to:

Jennifer Canning
Program Coordinator & Board Specialist, Geo-Institute
American Society of Civil Engineers
1801 Alexander Bell Dr.
Reston, VA 20191

phone: 703-295-6338
fax: 703-295-6351