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Gorman, Jamie


Jamie Gorman, MBA, is the founder and CEO of Sigma College of Small Business, a firm that delivers business management education and management services custom engineered for small and medium businesses.  His 25 years of education and experience include a very unique mix of engineering, technology and business. 

Following graduation with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, Mr. Gorman entered the Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Training Program. Before completing his first tour of duty aboard the USS Maryland SSBN 738, he qualified as a Nuclear Engineer Officer, Nuclear Weapons Officer and Submarine Officer. He also served as the Training Projects Officer for the Strategic Systems Command, managing the budget for all Trident Missile training programs.  Following the Navy, Mr. Gorman started a management consulting firm, specializing in construction and project management. He also earned his MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Keller Graduate School of Management, graduating with honors in 2001. Before founding Sigma College of Small Business, Mr. Gorman spent nearly 10 years in telecommunications sales, selling network and fiber technology to large telecommunication companies like Verizon.

As the CEO and lead instructor/consultant for Sigma College of Small Business, Mr. Groman works with many professionals and business owners to help them develop their business opportunities and be more successful in business and in life. He has been published in local magazines and is an avid blogger.