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On-Site Training - Intro to Design and Construction of Tunnels


Introduction to the Design and Construction of Tunnels (pdf)
Instructor - David G. Abbott, P.E.

Tunnels are key elements of the nation's infrastructure and play a key role in urban transportation, mining, water and sewerage transportation and in hydroelectric power and many other sectors. The seminar will cover in a systematic approach an introduction to all forms of tunneling and micro-tunneling including techniques for subsurface investigation for both soft ground and hard rock tunneling and how this subsurface information is used in the design and specification for tunnels, and in the selection of an appropriate tunneling method and tunneling equipment. Construction methods and linings for both tunnels and tunnels shafts will be described including NATM, drill and blast, the various forms of mechanical excavation in soft ground and rock as well as micro-tunneling. Numerous case histories and practical applications will also be presented as well as new trends in tunneling.

Earn 2.1 Continuing Education Units (2.1 CEUs)