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*Fees Are Per Webinar Site

Pay one site registration fee and an unlimited number of people in your organization can attend the webinar at that site. The single site registration fee for ASCE’s Live Webinars is intended to be an easy, affordable way to provide training for multiple employees in your organization. Your single site registration fee provides you with a site license for one computer/phone log-in to the webinar.  Long distance charges may apply for attendees outside of the U.S.

*The site license provided to you by the single site registration fee does not permit you to have multiple log-ins or phone calls from your site or to transmit this information to another site. If you plan to have a large group attend the webinar at your site, all participants should assemble in a conference room to hear and view the webinar (via one computer/phone and a computer/speaker projection system). If you have several sites, you must register each site individually and pay a separate site registration fee. 

Due to copyright laws, recording of a webinar locally for future use is not permitted.  Many Live Webinars are recorded and available as On-Demand Webinars and can be purchased separately. 

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Cancellation Policy

No cancellations will be accepted later than three business days prior to the webinar. Should you need to cancel your registration, please email webinars@asce.org

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Please see Webinar FAQs or email webinars@asce.org.

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