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Customized On-Site Training Endorements & Testimonials

Hear What Others Had to Say About Our Customized On-Site Training

"One of the most informative and beneficial seminars I have attended."
—Robert Guthrie, Vice President/ Department Manager/ Project Manager

"The presentation was dynamic, nicely paced and very entertaining as well as informative. As it is with all good classes and teachers, it was fun to learn."
—Grace Steer

"The instructor has so much experience that every comment is a key pointer or important thing to apply to our daily job and activities."
—Pedro Lopez, Civil Engineer

—Lawrence Omoregbe, Environmental Engineer

"The students in this course had diverse backgrounds in engineering specialties. The course was customized so that everybody could follow the material. A very practical course."
—Abelardo Bal Renau, Hydrologist- Civil Engineer

"The instructor was very knowledgeable; providing clear, understandable responses to our questions. His method of teaching was excellent. The entire class participated enthusiastically."
—Leslie Burks, Natural Resource Manager

'"All aspects were extremely helpful and useful. It seemed quite obvious that the professor is an expert in this field and a superb teacher."
—Tim Karikari, Civil Engineer Supervisor, DEP

"Excellent speaker who knows his topic."
—Newton Armstrong, Senior Bridge Engineer

"One of the best presentations/classes I've had in many years."
—Henry Rowlan, Senior Landscape Architect

"Appreciated the customized handouts. Engaging, well-prepared."
—Christy Chung, Assistant Civil Engineer II

"Dynamic, high energy, great connection with audience."
—Ed Hammontreb, Branch Chief

"Dr. Hotchkiss presented the material in a way that I was never taught before. My comfort level with design of culverts has been greatly enhanced."
—Dax Douet, Professional Civil Engineer

"The session was very good. We got a lot of positive feedback."
—Yvonne Abernethy, Environmental Scientist

"Solicits comments from audience to maintain interest, very informative and interesting presentation." —Gabriel Martinez, P.E.

"Excellent seminar. A must for engineers and regulators, even more for developers and planners."
—John Porter, Environmental Manager

"Great content. Great report with audience."
—Jeffrey Garrett, President & CEO

"Excellent speaker - great interaction with students."
—Kurt Keifer, Civil Engineer