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Our Guarantee

ASCE Will Meet Your State's PDH Requirements—Guaranteed

To understand the continuing education requirements for your state of licensure, you should visit the website of their registration board. We are confident that the rigor of our courses meets the highest expectations; however, if you find that a course in your technical specialty does not meet your state requirements for PDHs, simply provide documentation and we will refund the cost of your registration. 

PDHs Versus CEUs

The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) prepared a manual entitled "Continuing Professional Competency Guidelines" that "provides guidelines for the jurisdictions and territories that have or are planning to have continuing professional competency requirements for relicensing." In this document, the terms professional development hour (PDH) and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) are defined. See below for these definitions. Refer to NCEES' "Continuing Professional Competency Guidelines" for further information on PDH and CEU requirements and criteria. Also, check with individual jurisdictions and territories for their specific requirements.

PDH: A contact hour (nominal) of instruction or presentation. The common denominator for other units of credit.

CEU: Unit of credit customarily used for continuing education courses. One continuing education unit equals 10 hours of class in approved continuing education course. 

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