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Seminar Testimonials

Hear What Others Had to Say

Testimonials from Past Face-to-Face Seminar Participants

"Best class I've attended in 20 years! Dynamic and outstanding instructors."
—Jefferey Koch, President/CEO, Westbrook Associated Engineers, Inc., Spring Green, WI

“This is a great mixture of pertinent content presented by an instructor with an excellent balance of practical and theoretical knowledge.”
—Karnik Seferian, Pole Tech Co., Inc., Setauket, NY

"This seminar exceeded my expectations!"
—John McLean, P.E., John McLean Engineering, Cape Carteret, NC

"Excellent seminar! One of the best seminars I've been to! "
—Ron Carr, Principal, D'Huy Engineering, Inc., Bethlehem, PA

“Excellent seminar! I wish I had attended this earlier so that I could have applied all this knowledge in my previous projects! Definitely worth the time. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and clearly knew his materials.”
—Wai Cheong, Project Engineer, SRT Consultants, San Francisco, CA

"Amazing! Great energy and enthusiasm toward the subject."
—Yuri Hood, Project Engineer, SAFE, LLC. Miami Lakes, FL

"This is a very good course. Very structured! Hands-on was great!"
—Bradley Haid, Hydraulic Engineer, Agric & Agri-Food Canada, Regina Canada, CAN

"Great seminar! I am leaving with knowledge that will be utilized."
—Cory Steinke, Civil Engineer, CNPPID, Holdrege, NE

“This seminar is a must for all engineers who want to transition into a leadership role in their career.”
—Majia Hedayati, Sr. V.P., STV Inc., New York, NY

“Every structural engineer that designs structures should be required to take this course! Dr. Malhotra’s mastery of the subject and excellent presentation skills took a difficult subject and made it as easy to learn as it can be.”
—David Weaver, Forensic Structural Engineer, Nederveld, Hudsonville, MI

"The instructor is extremely knowledgeable. He presented difficult topics clearly, and in a way that was easy to understand."
—Josh Parker, Structural Design Engineer, Nuscale Power, Corvallis, OR

"The instructor is very knowledgeable with a fresh perspective to wind pressures and concepts. This was a great blend of math and reality. "
—David Maas, Richard Adams Engineers, Tampa, FL

"Great presenter! The deep foundation seminar was very beneficial to my career as a geotechnical engineer."
—Andrew Grunn, Assistant Engineer, Lachaine and Associates, Buellton, CA

"This seminar should be a required class for those in a leadership or management position."
—Rod Litchfield, Director, Pike Energy Solutions, LLC, Portland, OR

"Extremely beneficial course for H & H modelers."
—Juan Ludwig, Project Manager, San Antonio, TX