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Effectively Engaging Generations in the Civil Engineering Workplace

Our world has always been diverse and generation gaps have always been present.  Elders ruled and newbie’s drooled; those in the middle just waited their turn.  Times have changed dramatically thanks to technology and access to information and higher education.  Also, this newest generation is ushering cultural and gender diversity like never before. For us as leaders, we have to be savvy on generational diversity if we are to engage the workforce of today and tomorrow and unleash innovation and courage.

During this session, we will explore the differences of generations, keeping in mind that we are all more alike than different.  We’ll remind ourselves of the other aspect of age diversity—i.e., our stage in life. 

Takeaways will be:
• Knowing the events that shaped the four generations in our current workforce
• Identifying characteristics and common misconceptions about each generation, and
• Describing ways to motivate, reward, and coach our colleagues from various generations.



About the Speaker:
Linda Wilson Linda Wilson, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion ARCADIS Malcolm Pirnie, has over 25 years of experience working with diverse groups of all ages.  Her specialties are fostering understanding and collaboration among all in an organization, building leadership skills and action, communicating with purpose, and developing individuals and teams.  Most recently, she directed the diversity program at ARCADIS / Malcolm Pirnie, a national environmental engineering consulting company, where she coached and advised staff at all levels.  She also provided services to clients in the utilities, ensuring the women and minority-owned companies have a voice and a presence as a partner with ARCADIS / Pirnie.  She views and encourages others to view inclusion as a lens to use on all aspects of organizational operations, not just in recruiting.  
She is devoted to enticing young people into the science and engineering fields, tapping the creativity and energy of emerging leaders, advancing women and other underrepresented groups in the field.  She supports programs with time and funds to ensure that those of under-resourced communities are given the opportunities to engage in the engineering with its incredible promise for a better world.