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A Question of Ethics

In April 2005, ASCE introduced a new column, titled “A Question of Ethics.” Published in ASCE News from 2005 to 2010, and in each issue of Civil Engineering magazine since 2011, this column presents and discusses ethical cases considered by the ASCE Committee on Professional Conduct or ethical issues affecting the profession.

This page provides links to the full archive of past columns, listed in chronological order as well as by the featured subject matter and ethical canon. 

Current Question

Federal prosecutors present written records and eyewitness accounts alleging that three individuals--the principals of a Spanish contractor, and the U.S. based project manager charged with oversight of the contractor--had colluded over a period of many months to submit falsified invoices for payment by a U.S. federal agency under an infrastructure improvement grant to a foreign nation. The two principals would prepare invoices with inflated costs or costs that were incurred in connection with the company’s other projects, and the U.S. project manager would approve the fraudulent charges.

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