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    July-August 2014: Zero Tolerance for Bribery, Fraud, and Corruption  

    June 2014: Exercising Care in Expert Testimony

    May 2014: The Proper Use of Professional Credentials

    April 2014: Acting as Faithful Agents or Trustees

    March 2014: Arriving at Consensus on Advertising Speech  

    February 2014: Improper Use of Confidential Information

    January 2014: Recognizing Fiduciary Responsibilities

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    November 2013: Credit Where Due is More Than Courtesy

    October 2013: Questioning Questionable Practices

    September 2013: Corporate Culture in Support of Engineering Ethics

    July-August 2013: Origin of the Personal Pledge

    June 2013: Keeping the Playing Field Level

    May 2013: Employers' Responsibilities to Employees

    April 2013: The Public's Right to the Right Information

    March 2013: Maintaining Zero Tolerance for Bribery, Fraud, and Corruption 

    February 2013: Ethical Practice Demands Expertise  

    January 2013: Fostering a Culture of Safety

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    December 2012: The Importance of a Personal Pledge  

    November 2012: The Ethical Aspects of Competition  

    October 2012: Keeping Information Confidential

    September 2012: Pitfalls of Parting

    July/August: 2012 Our Profession’s Debt to Daniel W. Mead

    June 2012: The Ethical Aspects of Promotional Expenses

    May 2012: The Importance of Understanding Engineering Ethics

    April 2012 Should Past Ethics Violations Be Disclosed in Elections?

    March 2012: Exercise Care in Making Political Contributions

    February 2012: Exercise Caution in Offering Gratuities

    January 2012: Standing Up and Pushing Back 

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    December 2011: More Than One Code May Apply

    November 2011: Code Addresses New Ethical Challenges

    October 2011: Code of Ethics Applies to Author’s Responsibilities

    September 2011: Ethical Merits Then and Now

    August 2011: The Importance of Engineering Ethics

    July 2011: Ensuring the Safety, Health, and Welfare of the Public

    June 2011: The Personal Element

    May 2011 Defining Ethical Behavior

    April 2011: The Responsibility to Report Wrongdoing

    March 2011: Collusive Bidding Scheme Prompts Indictments

    February 2011: Standards and Anti-Competitive Behavior: The Hydrolevel Case

    January 2011: Comparison of Engineering Society Codes of Conduct

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    December 2010: Disclosing Financial Support of Study Reported in Professional Journal

    November 2010: Disclosure of Confidential Information from one Competitor to Another

    October 2010: Member Observes Deficiencies While Working as Construction Inspector

    September 2010: Member Questions Bridge Design Without Thorough Knowledge of Facts

    July/August 2010: Member Asked to Pay Fee in Exchange for Contractor’s Referral to Client

    May 2010: Duty To Investigate Hints of Impropriety in Project Financial Transactions

    April 2010 Value of Live, Interactive Discussion of Engineering Ethics Issues

    March 2010: Municipal Engineer Reviews Plans Performed by His Own Firm

    February 2010: Expert Witness Provides Inconsistent, Unsupported Testimony

    January 2010: Member Pressured to Change Recommendation in Professional Report

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    December 2009: Member Suspects Treatment Plant is Not in Compliance with Fire Code

    November 2009: Limitation of Liability Clauses

    October 2009: Research Paper Published without Team Leader’s Knowledge/Inclusion

    September 2009: Engineer Donates Goods to Public Official in Exchange for Work

    July/August 2009: Expert Witness Testifies Outside Areas of Expertise

    May 2009: Public Official Awards Contracts to Firm Paying Him as “Consultant”

    April 2009: Departing Employee Recruits Employer’s Clients, Criticizes Employer

    March 2009: Employer Reimburses Employee for Political Campaign Contributions

    February 2009: Mandatory Continuing Education

    January 2009: Member Pays Public Official in Exchange for Service Contracts

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    December 2008: Departing Employee Persuades Clients to Cancel Contracts with Employer

    November 2008: Development of Sustainability Provisions in ASCE Code of Ethics

    October 2008: Engineer Wins Raffle Prize from Potential Product Vendor

    September 2008: Engineer Prepares Fraudulent Board Minute to Cover CEO’s Misconduct

    August 2008: Ethics of Publishing Case Histories

    July 2008: ASCE’s Ethics Enforcement Process

    June 2008: Member Makes Campaign Contributions under Family, Friends’ Names

    May 2008: Member Inflates Hours as Reported on Time Sheets 

    April 2008: The Seven Fundamental Canons of ASCE’s Code of Ethics

    March 2008: Advertisements Falsely Imply ASCE Sponsorship of Member’s CE Course

    February 2008: Licensure of Federal Employees

    January 2008: Female Engineer Faces Workplace Discrimination

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    December 2007: Development of the First ASCE Code of Ethics

    November 2007: Use of P.E. on Business Cards Outside of Licensed Jurisdiction(s)

    October 2007: Payment of “Consulting Fees” to Foreign Agent to Secure Contracts

    September 2007: Student Takes ASCE Chapter Funds for Personal Use

    August 2007: Reviewing and Sealing Documents Prepared by a Deceased Engineer

    July 2007: William J. LeMessurier

    June 2007: Engineering Firm Shareholder Elected to Public Office

    May 2007: Joint Venture Partner Seeks to Lower Costs by Using Inferior Hardware

    April 2007: Member Suspects Testing Results Are False or Inaccurate

    March 2007: ASCE Removes “Supplanting” Language from Code of Ethics

    February 2007: ASCE Removes Price-Bidding Restrictions from Code of Ethics

    January 2007: The Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse

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    December 2006: Engineers Collude To Suppress Competition on Government Contracts

    November 2006: Professor Submits Student’s Research Paper as His Own Work

    October 2006: Member Bills Municipality for Work Not Done by Member’s Firm

    September 2006: Student Publishes Paper Plagiarizing Professor’s Lecture Notes/Thesis

    August 2006 Departing Employee Recruits Co-Workers to Join New Firm

    July 2006: Engineer Files Fraudulent Corporate Income Tax Return

    June 2006: Firm Solicits Help from Local Engineer Under False Promise of Work

    May 2006: Firm Changes Title Block, Uses Another Company’s Drawings

    April 2006: Engineers Fail To Disclose Private Interest in Report to Public Agency

    March 2006: Engineer Submits False Report on Soil Conditions

    February 2006: Use of Client Information To Have an Adverse Impact on Client

    January 2006: Review of Report Makes Inflammatory Criticisms of Report’s Authors

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    December 2005: Paper Borrows Heavily from Another Author’s Work without Credit

    November 2005: Consultant’s Review of Another Consultant’s Report

    October 2005: Spiro Agnew Indicted in Engineering Contract Kickback Scheme

    September 2005: Engineers Falsify Invoices To Disguise Kickback Scheme

    August 2005: Firm Falsifies Timesheets on Government Project

    July 2005: Public Employee Awards Contracts in Exchange for Contributions

    June 2005: Engineer Pays Percent of Government Contracts to County Employee

    May 2005: Engineer Reviews and Seals Plans Prepared by Another Firm

    April 2005: Engineer’s Report Plagiarizes Another Firm’s Report on Similar Project

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