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Leadership.  Expertise. Fairness.

ASCE upholds and pioneers the ethical standards of the profession.

ASCE Code of Ethics: Principles, Study, and Application

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Do you have questions about the application of ASCE's Code of Ethics to your daily life?  Are you looking for discussion starters for a group on ethics topics?  This resource may provide the tools you need.

Order of the Engineer

Receiving the Ring

ASCE is an official Link of the Order of the Engineer and regularly conducts Ring Ceremonies at national events and in conjunction with sections and branches.  Participants take the Obligation of the Engineer and wear a steel ring as a reminder of their commitment to high ethics and professionalism.
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A Question of Ethics

In April 2005, ASCE introduced a new column, titled “A Question of Ethics.” Published each in month in Civil Engineering magazine, this column presents and discusses ethical cases considered by the ASCE Committee on Professional Conduct or ethical issues affecting the profession

Ethics Resources

Ethics is a cornerstone of civil engineering practice.  ASCE maintains a variety of resources to assist you in learning about and adhering to the highest ethical standards.  You will also find ethics related content provided by other engineering organizations.

ASCE Efforts to Combat Corruption

Sign the Engineer's Charter to show your commitment to zero tolerance for bribery, fraud, and corruption in engineering and construction.

Code of Ethics

ASCE provides training, leadership, and expertise to ensure that you and your organization know the ethical practices to secure success and fairness in today's complex world.  ASCE's Code of Ethics enforces and upholds the integrity of the profession.

Guidance on Licensing and Ethical Responsibilities for Civil Engineers

This brochure discusses what licensure is, the importance of licensure for civil engineers, licensing requirements, and ethical responsibilities. It includes ethical situations drawn from real-life situations.

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