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15 Ways to Get Involved in ASCE's Government Relations Program


  1. Join the Key Contact Program. Set aside five minutes every Friday morning to read This Week in Washington and keep up with the latest civil engineering issues in Washington and your state capital.
  2. Recruit another fellow ASCE member to join the Key Contact Program. Participation is free to all ASCE members.
  3. Respond to Key Alerts when you receive them. You can write an email to your member of Congress or state lawmaker in a matter of minutes using ASCE's Click & Connect with Congress advocacy website.
  4. Familiarize yourself with ASCE's Priority Issues Agenda. These issues are determined through an annual member survey and reflect the interests of the members. Knowing what they are is the first step in beginning a dialog with your elected officials.
  5. Spend 15 minutes on your elected official's website. You can learn a lot in a small amount of time. Look for opportunities to visit with your elected official when he or she is visiting your area, sign up to receive a newsletter, and learn about events in your community.
  6. Schedule a Back Home Visit with your Representative.  
  7. Bring a fellow ASCE member with you on your Back Home Visit.  
  8. Attend local events with your elected officials. Visit your Representative's website. Many Representatives and Senators list local events they plan to attend and maintain email mailing lists. Engage your elected officials on local civil engineering issues whenever possible. Contact ASCE's ASCE Government Relations office for assistance.
  9. Write opinion editorials on local civil engineering issues for your local newspaper. Elected officials at all levels pay attention to local papers so this is a great way to raise awareness of an issue.
  10. Educate other members of your Section or Branch about the ASCE Government Relations Program and how they can get involved in promoting the ASCE Priority Issues Agenda.
  11. For Section & Branch leaders: Raise awareness of engineering public policy issues among your members by holding a voter registration drive. Use the drive as a stepping stone to greater involvement for your Section or Branch.
  12. Make plans to attend ASCE's Legislative Fly-In. This two-day event in Washington, D.C. provides intensive training on ASCE's priority issues and how to effectively communicate with your member of Congress. There is no registration cost to attend the program - attendees are responsible only for their travel expenses - but you must apply.
  13. Get your Section or Branch to sponsor a member's attendance at the Legislative Fly-In. The attendee doesn't have to be the President or another officer. In fact someone not in the leadership hierarchy might have more time to devote to the program and applying the knowledge at home.
  14. Organize your own legislative day in your state capitol. ASCE ASCE Government Relations staff can provide assistance.
  15. Consider running for local elected office. This is the best way to ensure that civil engineers are involved in decisions made at the federal, state and local levels.