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Budget News

ASCE Priority Issues in the FY 2011 Budget - in-depth analysis of how the cuts in the FY 2011 budget will affect civil engineering.

ASCE Priority Issues & the President's Proposed FY 2012 Budget - in-depth analysis of how the proposed 2012 federal budget will affect civil engineering.

Republican Senators Oppose Gas Tax increase - a letter to President Obama urging swift action on a surface transportation authorization without revenue enhancements.

ASCE Activities

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Policy News

FHWA Clarifies Engineering Conflicts of Interest Policy 

**List of New Members of the 112th Congress** 

ASCE Joins Transportation Industry in Applauding Deficit Commission on Draft Proposal  

ASCE and Water Resources Coalition Meet with White House Council on Environmental Quality about Principles and Guidelines 

U.S. Department of Transportation Announces Marine Highways Initiative 

U.S. Department of Interior and California Natural Resources Department Announce Draft Bay Delta Conservation Plan 


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More News: 

Learn more about the latest news and actions related to ASCE's key legislative issues by visiting the Our Failing Infrastructure blog.

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Surface Transportation Authorization 

FEMA Responds to Congressional Concerns Regarding Levees and Flood Maps