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Buckwalter, Gerald E.

    Gerald (Jerry) E. Buckwalter, A.M.ASCE 

    Gerald (Jerry) E. Buckwalter is Northrop Grumman’s Director of Strategy based in McLean, Va. In this capacity, Mr. Buckwalter serves as Northrop Grumman’s chief strategy person for homeland security solutions. 

    Mr. Buckwalter has worked for many years coordinating company-wide homeland security business with the Department of Homeland Security, as well as Department of Defense Anti-Terrorist Offices, other federal agencies, Homeland Security programs at the state and local level and International Resilience Programs, covering all functional areas including:

    • Border and transportation security;
    • Emergency preparedness and response;
    • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection and response;
    • Critical infrastructure protection; and
    • Information analysis and intelligence gathering as they relate to national security.

    Mr. Buckwalter has also served in several advisory roles including:

    • Board member of the National Homeland Defense Foundation;
    • Chair of the 2009 industry study on “Critical Infrastructure Resilience” delivered to Secretary Napolitano;
    • Point of Contact for the National Infrastructure Advisory Council reporting to the White House and the Secretary of Homeland Security since 2008;
    • Contributing author for the 2008 report, “Defense Imperatives for the New Administration;”
    • Participant in the 2007 Defense Science Board study “Defending Against Domestic Catastrophe in War Time;”
    • Executive committee of Virginia’s Institute for Defense and Homeland Security;
    • Board member for the University of Maryland University College, Graduate School of Management and Technology;
    • One of the founding members of the Homeland Security Dialogue Forum;
    • Advisor to the Department of Homeland Security / Secret Service 2004 Inaugural Security Team;
    • Chair of the 2004 Bi-national US / Italy National Security Strategy and Policy Committee;
    • 2002 government study participant on the National Guard role in Homeland Security;
    • Integrated Facilities Management Assoc. participant in the 1992/1993 Global Facilities Benchmarking Report; and
    • Recipient of US Army Special Service Commendation for technical analyses performed.

    Prior to joining Northrop Grumman, Mr. Buckwalter was President and General Manager of
    AvinStream, LLC, a company specializing in remote wireless security management systems; and was a Vice President and General Manager for Securicor’s United States-based security business.