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    Work together to close the infrastructure gap from planning to design to delivery

    Propose practical solutions to maintain & modernize our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure

    Embrace and encourage civil engineers’ role as contributors to a sustainable world     

    Increase education requirements for engineering licensure to better protect the public in the future

  • Highway Trust Fund

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    While the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act provided five years of certain funding for roads, bridges, and transit, it didn't address the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund. Tell Congress you want to see a long-term solution to fund our nation's transportation needs. Take action with ASCE at

    Report Card

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    America's Infrastructure Report Card is out!  Find out the grades and how you can help

  • Power Outage Complicates Summer Air Travel at Reagan Airport
    Aug 17 2018
    By Emily Castellanos

    When we plug our phones into the wall we expect them to start charging, and when we flip a light switch we expect the lights to go on. Most of the time, these systems work just fine, but this week, travelers at Washington’s Reagan National Airport sat for 90 minutes with no power, while others...

    New Report Offers Recommendations to Address Flood Risk in Texas One-Year Post-Harvey
    Aug 15 2018
    By Anna Denecke

    On Wednesday, the Texas Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers released a new report and recommendations, Addressing Flood Risk: A Path Forward for Texas After Hurricane Harvey. This document expands on the findings of the 2017 Report Card for Texas’ Infrastructure, which graded flood infrastructure at a “D,” by exploring the existing landscape...