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Issues & Advocacy

42 -  Raise the Bar

ASCE leads the development of preparing future civil engineers for the complex challenges facing 21st century society. In this process ASCE raises the bar for professional practice so that future civil engineers can protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare. 

81 - Disaster Preparedness and Response

ASCE provides resources including postdisaster training programs for civil engineers facing the daunting responsibility of rebuilding and repairing infrastructure in devastated communities.

Get Involved  

Outreach event at the National Building Museum 

3 - PR Training and Toolkit
11 - Career Fair-in-a-Box
39 - ASCEville
43 - West Point Bridge Design Contest
80 - K-12 Outreach  You can introduce civil engineering to K-12 students with exciting and interactive ASCE and ASCE-sponsored programs and activities showcasing the possibilities of your exciting profession, including TV shows, such as Design Squad, Building Big and ZOOM into Engineering; volunteering at high school clubs; making classroom visits during EWeek; and pointing students to websites like

  Issues and Advocacy 101 Ways to Benefit 

Government Relations

17- Expert Testimony 
27 - ASCE advocates on your behalf to address the profession’s critical issues with Congress. Raise your voice by becoming an ASCE Key Contact to receive alerts on the latest public policy issues.  As a Key Contact, you receive This Week in Washington emailed to you, a weekly newsletter highlighting the regulations and government activities that impact you and the profession.
48 - Congressional Fellows   


88 - ASCE recently released a series of economic studies measuring the real effects
on our nation’s economic performance should current infrastructure investment trends continue. By explaining the potential impacts to the U.S. GDP, personal income, and jobs, these Failure to Act reports illustrate how investment today is critical for tomorrow. 
94 - Liquid Assets 

Public Policies and Priorities

93. ASCE represents you and the profession in the public policy arena. There is no better way to communicate your views on an issue to your elected offi cialsthan a face-to-face meeting. Demonstrate your high level of commitment to the issues and voice your concerns to congressional offi cials by participating in ASCE’s annual
Legislative Fly-In
. Learn how to Click & Connect with your elected officials.


30 - Report Card for America’s Infrastructure  

Report Card horiz logoASCE has become widely recognized for highlighting the need for infrastructure investment and renewal through the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. Go online to access our Outreach Toolkit with customizable presentations and talking points to help you share information with your local community and elected officials.

30a - State Report Cards  

44 - Sustainability 

ASCE leads the way when it comes to helping incorporate sustainability principles into your daily practice to advance the Triple Bottom Line. To help with this process, ASCE has developed sustainability case studies that represent a range of project types, from budgets to geographic regions.

38 - Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure  

25 - Vision 2025 

Vision 2025 coverYou help shape the profession’s future rather than sitting back as world events shape it for you. The publication The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025 embraces a transformational role for future civil engineers. In this aspirational vision for the year 2025, society entrusts civil engineers to help achieve a sustainable world and raise the global quality of life.   


Issues & Advocacy
Guiding Principles for the Nation's Critical Infrastructure

Protect public safety, health, and welfare

Donate to the Red Cross

Support disaster response efforts

This Week in Washington

Get legislative alerts

Report Card

See who is raising the grades

Report Card for America's Infrastructure

The 2009 Report Card for America's Infrastructure graded the nation's critical infrastructure systems a "D" and noted a five-year investment need of $2.2 trillion.


 Card horiz logo

Strategic Initiatives

To achieve its vision for civil engineering, ASCE has established these strategic priorities:

Propose practical solutions to improve America's neglected infrastructure.

Raise the bar 
Establish educational and legal standards necessary to prepare professional engineers to address the future's most pressing challenges.

Embrace civil engineers' role as contributors to a sustainable world.

Government Relations

ASCE Government Relations has many resources for members to take an active role at all levels of government. Join the Key Contact program to take action on matters crucial to civil engineering and stay up-to-date on issues at the state and federal levels. Want hard facts on why prioritizing infrastructure is more crucial than ever? Check out ASCE’s Report Card for America’s Infrastructure and the Failure to Act economic report series. Make your voice heard! take an active role

Disaster Preparedness & Response

Selected ASCE papers discuss strategies for reducing loss of life and property damage when this natural hazard occurs. These articles are available in the ASCE Library, free to registered users and subscribers through July 31, 2013.