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Career Development

Where would you like to be in your career five or ten years from now? What skills will you need to learn or improve upon to reach your goals? How will you learn these skills? Career development is about asking and answering these questions. It is about skill development and lifelong learning. Some of the competencies you desire may be technical, managerial, or leadership oriented. They may be learned on the job, through mentoring relationships, by taking courses and attending conferences, by participation in professional societies, or through professional licensure. Think about which activities best fit your needs now and in the future, because career development is essential to advancing in your career and growing as a civil engineering professional. 

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Career Paths In Civil Engineering
Do you ever wonder what path you would follow to become the chief executive officer of a company...or what steps you might take to become the public works director for a city or county? How about a career in education, or with a large or small firm? This brochure provides paths to achieve a position in the organization of your choice. 

career_3.jpg Mentoring Guide for Employers, Mentors and Proteges
Members of the ASCE Committee on Professional Practice - Committee on Career Development prepared mentoring guidelines to summarize information on mentoring programs and familiarize civil engineers with the benefits of mentoring. Find more information on ASCE mentoring programs here
eng_grades.jpg ASCE Guidelines for Engineering Grades 
ASCE's Guidelines for Engineering Grades were created to help engineers and their employers recognize an engineer's level of professional development and career advancement. The guidelines outline the knowledge, skills, and responsibilities associated with engineers at each grade.

   Guidelines for Grades 1-8

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mentoring photo ASCE Mentoring Programs 
As civil engineers, we know our learning is never complete. Whether you've enjoyed a distinguished and vibrant life-long career or are just starting out, ASCE Mentoring programs offer rich opportunities to learn and inspire professionals of all ages and in all fields with a desire to discover. Participate and learn about ASCE mentoring programs with:  

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