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Objectives and Scope of an ASCE Peer Review


The objective of the ASCE Peer Review for Public Agencies Program is to give public sector engineering, construction, and operations agencies a means to improve the management and quality of their services and thus better protect the public health and safety with which they are entrusted. Peer review is applicable to public agencies and their subdivisions of any size, mission, discipline, responsibility, or location that provide an engineered product.  

What is covered in an ASCE Peer Review?

An ASCE Peer Review helps you identify immediate issues of concern, but also helps you put your organization on solid footing for the long term.

ASCE peer reviewers analyze the critical challenges and opportunities of your organization's structure, services, policies, procedures, and management practices, but do not evaluate the technical competence of your agency or its individuals. An ASCE Peer Review identifies areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in your organization.  It is not uncommon for insights gained through an ASCE Peer Review to be incorporated into an agency's strategic planning to bring about changes that better position it for long-term success. 

 Why does ASCE offer a peer review program for public agencies?