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Peer Review Program: Philosophy


Peer Review for Public Agencies is one of ASCE's programs to assure the ongoing enhancement of leadership/management techniques in the public sector. The peer review process evaluates an agency's management services to aid the agency in producing a culture that strives to satisfy the ultimate user of the finished product.

The primary tenets of continuous quality improvement imperative to the operation of public agencies are:

  1. to build all efforts around delivering quality to the customer;
  2. to define customer required products and services, to continually measure performance against requirements, and to provide frequent feedback to employees;
  3. to stress prevention versus rework;
  4. to emphasize teamwork at all levels;
  5. to emphasize supervisory assistance to employees to achieve and grow versus supervisory control;
  6. to emphasize continuing education;
  7. to measure both work processes and results to see where problems lie;
  8. to empower employees to solve these problems;
  9. to continuously improve the system of production and services.