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Peer Review Program: Scope of Services


What is covered in an ASCE Peer Review?

ASCE peer reviewers analyze the strengths, critical challenges, and opportunities for improvement of your organization's structure, services, policies, procedures, and management practices.

Emphasis is placed on realistic goals, efficient administration, quality assurance/quality control, public/user satisfaction, project monitoring, design/construction interaction, and an overall sense of direction. 

Areas of operations that are evaluated to the extent that they are applicable to a particular organization are:

• Organizational Management
• Project Management
• Emergency Management Procedures
• Technical Practice and Procedures
• Human Resource Management
• Financial Management
• Public Relations Practices
• Strategic Planning
• Sustainable Practices

Reviews can be tailored at an agency's request to include other aspects or to focus on specific areas of concern to that agency. 

The ASCE Peer Review program is not to be confused with audits or investigations for regulatory purposes. It is not intended to evaluate the technical competence of agency personnel or the quality of the work product, services, or information that the agency produces. Rather, the program is designed to help an organization raise the level of its management and technical practice by examining its mission, objectives, policies, and procedures and then investigating its compliance with these.

To get more details on what is included in an ASCE Peer Review or to find out how a peer review can be tailored to the needs of your agency, contact Becky Waldrup at 703-295-6281 or