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Peer Review for Public Agencies

Peer Review Brochure Cover

ASCE Peer Review for Public Agencies is a customized evaluation process designed to help government engineering agencies or their subdivisions improve the management and quality of their engineering services.

Objectives and Scope of an ASCE Peer Review

The objective of the ASCE Peer Review for Public Agencies Program is to give public sector engineering, construction, and operations agencies a means to improve the management and quality of their services and thus better protect the public health and safety with which they are entrusted. Peer review is applicable to public agencies and their subdivisions of any size, mission, discipline, responsibility, or location that provide an engineered product.

What is covered in an ASCE Peer Review? 

Peer Review Program: Cost

The cost of a peer review depends on the number of staff that the agency employs. The staff size, in turn, determines the number of days of the peer review and the size of the peer review team. The agency pays a fee that includes reimbursement to the peer review team members for their expenses.  ASCE or the agency does not reimburse reviewers for their time, as this is considered a contribution to the profession.  Contact Becky Waldrup for an estimate at 703-295-6281 or

The ASCE Peer Review Process

What happens during an ASCE Peer Review?  Plan to allow about three months for planning your peer review.

• One month before your site visit, the peer review team will begin reviewing background information provided by your agency.

• The peer review team will visit your location(s) to interview agency staff members from all employee categories and levels.

• The final step of the site visit is the closing oral report to the agency engineer or director. A written report will follow if requested. 



All ASCE Peer Reviews are confidential.

Each reviewer is required to sign a nondisclosure statement before beginning the review. The results are not discussed with any other agency, a parent agency, or anyone within an agency other than the engineer/director requesting the review unless requested or approved by that engineer/director.

What Agency Directors Are Saying

"I believe that peer reviews should become a standard element of the business practices of all state transportation agencies. They are that valuable."

Mr. Thomas Sorel
Minnesota Department of Transportation

"As public servants, we need to be committed to continually working to improve the service that we provide to citizens. This program provides a low cost, practical way to facilitate doing just that!"

Benny Young, P.E., P.S., M.ASCE
Director, Highway and Floodplain Department
Cochise County, Arizona

"The ASCE Peer Review program is a very impressive program, and of unquestionable value to our agency. One of the great benefits of this program is the low cost and tremendous value, and I absolutely would recommend it to other agencies."

Michael G. Collins, P.E.
Chief, Engineering Bureau
Department of Environmental Services, Arlington County, VA

"I would recommend the ASCE program to other public agencies that want more insight into the effectiveness of their policies and procedures."

Tom E. Cole, L.S., P.E.
Chief Engineer
Division of Highways, Idaho Transportation Department