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The ASCE Peer Review Process Outline


How long does it take to plan a peer review?

Allow at least three to four months between the time a peer review is requested by a public agency and the time that the on-site peer review takes place.

What happens during an ASCE peer review?

The list below highlights the major steps of the peer review process:

  • The agency engineer or director requests a peer review by contacting ASCE's Professional Activities Department.
  • ASCE's peer review staff contact evaluates the review effort and works with the Committee on Peer Review for Public Agencies to form a peer review team.
  • The agency reviews peer reviewer bios and accepts the proposed team.
  • The dates for on-site interviews of agency personnel are finalized.
  • ASCE executes an agreement for performance of the peer review with the agency.
  • Each peer reviewer signs a statement of nondisclosure.
  • The agency mails peer reviewers advance materials describing organizational structure, policies, procedures, etc.
  • The peer review team leader coordinates interviews, site visits, and logistics with the agency.
  • On-site interviews of agency staff are conducted.  Peer reviewers also conduct interviews with representatives of partner or customer agencies as available.
  • The peer review team delivers an oral report to the agency engineer or director at the conclusion of the on-site visit.
  • The peer review team submits a written report to the agency engineer or director (upon request).
  • The agency director completes and returns the post review questionnaire to ASCE.

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