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What Agency Directors Are Saying


Here is what some of the directors of agencies that have undergone ASCE Peer Reviews have said about their experience.

"ASCE's peer review validated our strengths as a Department, but also identified significant opportunities for improvement and provided observations that were extremely beneficial and very valuable. Public agencies should be reviewed at a minimum every four years, but should be evaluated if there are changing conditions that warrant different frequencies, such as a change in administration. I believe that peer reviews should become a standard element of the business practices of all state transportation agencies. They are that valuable."

Mr. Thomas Sorel
Minnesota Department of Transportation
5,040 employees

"This is a wonderful program. Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of participating as both a peer reviewer on teams for several agency reviews and as a peer review customer. I was a recipient of peer reviews as Director/City Engineer for a relatively large urban area public works agency, and also as Director/County Engineer for a relatively small rural agency. In my opinion, the information and advice obtained from fellow practitioners is invaluable. As public servants, we need to be committed to continually working to improve the service that we provide to citizens. This program provides a low cost, practical way to facilitate doing just that!"

Benny Young, P.E., P.S., M.ASCE
(at the time of his most recent review) Director
Highway and Floodplain Dept., Cochise County, Arizona
100 employees

"We are very satisfied with the ASCE peer review process and the results. It was very beneficial to have the input and thoughts from peers that have been in our shoes and understand the complexities we deal with on a daily basis. We requested the ASCE peer review in preparation for a state-mandated legislative review. The findings of the ASCE review and the legislative audit were key in enabling our department to obtain additional funding from the state to help implement a new management system. I would recommend the ASCE program to other public agencies that want more insight into the effectiveness of their policies and procedures."

Tom E. Cole, L.S., P.E.
Chief Engineer
Division of Highways, Idaho Transportation Department
1,800 employees

"The ASCE peer review program is a very impressive program, and of unquestionable value to our agency. One of the great benefits of this program is the low cost and tremendous value, and I absolutely would recommend it to other agencies."

Michael G. Collins, P.E.
Chief, Engineering Bureau
Department of Environmental Services, Arlington County, VA
56 employees

"The City of Ironwood, MI is very fortunate to have recently completed the ASCE Peer Review for our Department of Public Works. The Peer Review process was extremely well planned out and in a short amount of time had gathered a very comprehensive pulse of our DPW operation. The Peer Review process included obtaining valuable input and information from a wide variety of stakeholders, including DPW Staff, staff from other City departments, All City Department Heads and City Commissioners. The interview and information gathering process that was conducted was very comprehensive and allowed for a wide variety of ideas and opinions to be gathered and incorporated into the “issues and opportunities” report that was generated. We were very appreciative of the credentials, caliber and experience of the individuals who conducted the Peer Review. Their wide breath of real world experience provided realistic insights into the current operations and also lent credibility to the “issues and opportunities” that were identified through this process. The City of Ironwood, similar to most other communities, is expected to do more with less and is feeling the financial strains of our time. The Peer Review has provided some beneficial ideas on how we can become more efficient and effective in maintaining and improving the service we provide to our residents. We are committed to improving our internal City Operations and feel the ASCE Peer Review will help in this effort."

Scott B. Erickson, P.E.
City Manager
City of Ironwood, Michigan
Department of Public Works - 24 employees