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ASCE Life Member

ASCE Life Membership

What is a Life Member ($0.00 Dues)?

A Life Member is an individual who has made a lifetime commitment to ASCE and the civil engineering profession by remaining members for the full length of their professional career.

How do I become a Life Member?

To become a Life Member, an individual must . . .

  • have reached the age of 65 years
  • have paid dues in any membership grade except Student Member for at least thirty-five (35) years
  • have had ten (10) years of continuous dues-paying membership immediately preceding the attainment of Life Member.

When am I eligible for Life Member status?

Your Life Year is available at in the right column (below your member grade and across from your member ID number). Note: Your Life Member Year cannot be calculated without your date of birth.

If your membership lapsed at any point (you did not pay annual membership dues), your Life Year will be extended proportionally.

Why should I strive to attain Life Member status?

Life Members are exempted from payment of membership dues. Life Members are only required to pay to receive membership publications, currently Civil Engineering magazine. There are three options if a Life Member would like to receive these publications:

  1. Pay a $50 annual Life Member Service Fee.
  2. Make a $50 annual contribution to any ASCE voluntary fund (ASCE Foundation, public image, diversity, career guidance, disaster, sustainability, Institute Voluntary, Section Voluntary).
  3. International Only: Air Delivery Service (Civil Engineering magazine): International Life Members receive virtual member subscriptions to Civil Engineering magazine and ASCE News online. To receive mailed copies, International Life Members must submit payment of $89 U.S. dollars to the International Life Member Service Fee, which includes air delivery service of membership publications. Participation requires that payment be received by January 1. Payments received after this date will NOT be prorated.

What happens when I become a Life Member?

When you reach your Life Year, you will be awarded Life Member status automatically. This occurs in the fall, in accordance with your annual membership renewal.

Most new Life Members receive a Life Member certificate and lapel pin from their Section or branch. Each year, ASCE national sends Life Member certificates and lapel pins to the local Sections for them to present to new Life Members.

Those Life Members not affiliated with a Section will receive their Life Member certificate and lapel pin in the mail directly from ASCE national.

If you have any questions regarding Life Member status please contact us.