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myASCE Frequently Asked Questions


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Getting Started

How do I upload my profile picture?

To upload you profile picture, click on “Edit myASCE Preferences,” and then select “Click to upload your avatar.” Browse for you image, and after selecting click “Upload.” Profile pictures should be in JPG/JPEG format.  To edit your photo for use as your profile picture, resize the image to no more than 150 pixels wide, and using an editing tool such as Microsoft Picture Manager, compress the image for the web to decrease the file size of the image. 

What are Favorites?

“Favorites” allow you to link to external sites you follow, such as Click on “Favorites” and select "Add a Link," then type or copy and paste in the links to your favorite sites. 

What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard tool allows you to add items called “widgets” to organize information such as weather and calendars. To add widgets to your Dashboard, first create a new tab using the drop down arrow in the upper right corner of the Dashboard. Once you have created the tab, click on the “Toggle Widget Tray” arrow button on the lower right side of the Dashboard to display all available widgets. Select a widget you wish to add and drag it down to the Dashboard. 

How can I add links to my social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Copy the address for your page. Then click on “Edit myASCE Preferences,” and add links to your pages in the fields for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Be sure to include the http:// so the links work properly. 

What is the difference between “What are you working on?” (status) updates and a Message Board?

Only you can create “What are you working on?” updates on your profile, with colleagues able to reply. Your Message Board allows colleagues to create posts to which you can reply. 

How can I set how I would like to receive notifications from myASCE?

Notifications can be set to alert you to a variety of myASCE inforamtion, such as when you receive colleague requests or group invitations. These can be sent to your email or published to the Activity Stream on your profile. To control how you receive notifications, click on “Edit myASCE Preferences,” then select the “Activities” tab. On this tab you can select what you receive notifications for, and on what devices you receive notifications. This can be modified for your individual profile as well as for groups and activities.  

What is the difference between Edit my Personal Information and Edit myASCE Preferences?

Edit My Personal Information” updates your official records in the ASCE membership database. “Edit myASCE Preferences” only affects myASCE. Changing your notification preferences will only affect myASCE notifications, and will not impact your regular myASCE subscription notifications for communications such as e-newsletters and emails from ASCE.

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Connect with Colleagues

How can I search for a colleague? 

To search for a colleague, click on the “Colleague Search” tab at the top of the page to use the search tool. You can search by name, email address, company, or location. 

How do I send a colleague request? 

After you have found a colleague using the “Colleague Search” tab, select the check box next to their result. Then scroll up to the top of the search results and click “Add as colleague” above the results box. 

Can I send more than one colleague request at a time? 

To send multiple colleague requests, use the Colleague Search tool. Your results will appear in a list with boxes next to the individual. Select the check boxes next to the individuals you wish to add, and click “Add as colleague.” 

How do I confirm a colleague request I receive? 

On the left side of your profile page, click on the “Colleagues” tab to expand. Select “Pending” to view individuals who have sent you a Colleague request. Accept the colleague request using the check box and clicking “Approve.” 

How do I “un- colleague” someone? 

To remove a colleague, go to the “Colleagues” tab, and select the person you wish to remove. Check the box next to their name and then select “Remove.” They will still be able to see your profile, but will not be able to interact with you on your profile page. 

How do I send a private message? 

To send a private message, go to the user profile of the person you wish to send a message to. Click on the private message tool under their profile picture box. Compose your message and press send. 

How do I view my private messages? 

To view your private messages, click on “Private Messages” on the left side of your profile page. This will take you to your inbox. To reply or create a new message, you must go to that member’s profile page. Messages cannot be sent from the message inbox. 

How do I reply to a private message? 

Replies cannot be sent directly from your message inbox. To reply to a private message, you must first go to the profile of the person you wish reply to and select “Private Messages.”

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Work with Groups

How do I search for groups? 

To search for a group, go to the “Community Groups” tool on the left side of your profile, or click on the Groups tab at the top of page, then use the search tool on the left side of the page. 

Can a person add themselves to an ad-hoc restricted group, or is it possible to limit joining? 

In order to join a restricted group, members must be approved by the group administrator.  

Can a person add themselves to an ad-hoc open group, or is it possible to limit joining? 

Members may add themselves to open groups.

How do I invite multiple users to a group? 

To send multiple group invitations, click to invite members, and use the colleague search to locate members from the same state, employer, etc. When the results appear, select the check boxes next to their results and click “Invite users to group.” 

Where can I view the group calendar? 

From the Group profile page, click on “Upcoming Events Box.” 

How do I add an event to a group calendar? 

Group administrators can add an event to the calendar.To add an event to the group calendar, open the calendar by clicking on “More” in the “Upcoming Events Box.” Double-click on the date on which you want to hold your event and then edit the event details, then click save to publish the event to the calendar. 

How many group polls can be posted at one time? 

Group administrators can create a poll for members of the group to respond to. Only one poll can be posted at a time. If you create a new poll, it will replace the poll currently on display. 

Can all myASCE members view group content such as documents? 

For open groups, all myASCE members can view all information including documents. For restricted groups, only group members can view group information such as documents. 

I am a member of an ASCE committee – how can I join the committee group? 

If you are a member of an official ASCE committee, you do not need to join. You will automatically be placed in the official committee group. If you are a member of a committee but do not have access to the myASCE group, let your ASCE committee staff contact know to update the committee. 

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Privacy and Policies

Will non-ASCE members or the public have access to myASCE?

myASCE is not accessible by the general public. Only current ASCE Members and staff can log-in to myASCE. 

Who can comment on my message board and status updates? 

While your Message Board and status updates are visible to all ASCE members, only your colleagues can comment and create posts. 

Who can see my profile? 

Your profile is visible to all ASCE members and staff, but only your colleagues can post comments to your profile. Information in myASCE is not visible to the general public. 

Will I have access to myASCE if my membership falls into arrears? 

You will have access if you fall into arrears, however, dropped members will lose access to myASCE. 

Does ASCE have a policy regarding the use of social media? 

ASCE has a social media policy (Social Media Policies and Best Practices) posted on the web.

How do I report inappropriate behavior or harassment? 

To report inappropriate behavior or harassment, use the “Report Abuse” button in the footer, in the lower right corner of the web page.

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I made an update, and I don’t see it reflected on the page. What should I do? 

If you do not see an update posted immediately, try refreshing the page. If it still doesn’t show up after a few minutes, try navigating away from the page and returning to it. 

I keep encountering a technical error. Who should I contact? 

For questions regarding myASCE, send an email to 

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