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ASCE Membership Requirements: What is responsible charge of engineering experience?

ASCE Membership Requirements

    What is responsible charge of engineering experience?

    Applicants for the Member grade may be required to provide a resume (Curriculum Vitae) detailing responsible charge of work experience, which will be evaluated by the Membership Application Review Committee. Please be sure to include a concise description of the duties and scope of projects for which you have been responsible, as well as the dates when you were employed.

For the Member grade, responsible charge of work means definite responsibility for engineering work of substantial importance subsequent to graduation (or subsequent to receipt of the P.E. or R.L.S. license, for non-degreed applicants). In the field, responsible charge includes deciding questions on methods of execution and suitability of materials, and resolving problems without referring them to higher authority. In the office, responsible charge includes carrying out important assignments, making plans, writing specifications, and directing designs of engineering work. In engineering teaching, responsible charge includes teaching in an engineering college of recognized standing as an assistant professor or higher.

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