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Review Procedures For Fellow Applications

Review Procedures For Fellow Applications

All applications will be thoroughly considered by the Membership Application Review Committee (MARC), which is responsible for review of all Fellow applications. The MARC is composed of ASCE Fellows, and meets once monthly to review scheduled applications.

All applications for advancement to the Fellow grade are handled by the Applications Coordinator. The application will be initially reviewed to insure that all documents have been received, at which time the application and accompanying documents will be scheduled for review at the next monthly meeting of the MARC. The MARC is authorized to grant waivers of any requirement, upon unanimous assent of all the MARC members. All applicants who are approved for advancement to Fellow grade will be notified by the Applications Coordinator.

Any applicants who are not approved for advancement to Fellow subsequent to MARC review will receive an explanation from the Committee, and the applicant may choose to submit additional documentation for consideration. Any Fellow applicant who is not unanimously approved may follow the approved appeals procedures as described in the ASCE Rules of Policy and Procedure.

Fellow Program Contact:

Applications Coordinator
(703) 295-6289, or (800) 548-2723 ext. 6289,