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How to advance your membership grade

 Student Member Advancement after Graduation

Student Members who have recently graduated and are no longer enrolled in a college or university are eligible for advancement to Affiliate Member or Associate Member grades. To mark this important achievement and as a welcome to the civil engineering profession upgrade for FREE at OR simply notify ASCE of your new status! 

 Affiliate Member to Associate Member Grade

Affiliate Members who hold a 4 or more year degree from an ABET/EAC-accredited or substantially equivalent civil or related engineering program and who wish to be considered for advancement to Associate Member grade should provide proof of receipt of a bachelor's degree by notifying ASCE

In leiu of having an ABET/EAC-accredited bachelor's degree (many International Degrees), you may submit three references and a detailed resume, OR be a certified Engineer-in-Training (EIT) or Surveyor-in-Training (SIT) in the United States or the country in which you reside.

Advancement to Member Grade

Applicants for advancement to Member grade who hold an ABET/EAC-accredited degree and are licensed as a P.E. or R.L.S. in the U.S. need only notify ASCE of licensure information.

If you are not licensed, but have more than 5 years of responsible charge of engineering experience subsequent to receipt of your BS or equivalent four year degree, please forward a copy of a detailed resume and three references to the Applications Administrator, requesting review by the Membership Application Review Committee. References should be ASCE members OR registered professional engineers OR members of a society with which ASCE has an agreement of cooperation.

ASCE Dues Prices

ASCE uses a sliding scale for member dues.  Use the link to determine your dues price.

Contact ASCE for Assistance

(800) 548-2723 (toll-free within the U.S.)
(703) 295-6300 (outside the U.S.)
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. ET

(703) 295-6333


ASCE Member Services
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston, VA 20191-4400

 Advancement to Fellow Grade

Applicants for advancement to Fellow grade MUST complete a Fellow application packet. If the PDF application form is used, applicants must request a Reference packet.

You may also request a hard copy of the Fellow application packet by contacting the Applications Administrator.