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Champions Locker Room

ASCE Champions

The ASCE Membership Champions Program  

A membership “concierge” service helping you grow your Region, Section, Branch, or Younger Member Group/Forum

• Offering volunteers member engagement, and recruitment and retention strategic support
• Providing easy-to-use tools and metrics to help the ASCE volunteer be efficient and engaged in growing membership
• Giving the ASCE volunteer tools to enable them to “listen” to their constituency
• Helping the ASCE volunteer connect with ASCE resources (staff, tools, benefits) 

Wondering why you should become a Champion? Looking for a particular Champions resource? Or just wondering how you would fit the role of a Champion into your schedule? Step into the Champions locker room to get suited up.


What Is an ASCE Membership Champion? 
ASCE Membership Champions are at the epicenter of member recruitment and retention activities. They are select members, passionate about sharing ASCE’s benefits with their fellow civil engineers. Champions:

  • Use the Champion tools and resources and their Section/Branch “Best Practices” to enable the Region, Section, or Branch to “listen” to its constituency
  • Establish annual membership growth goals
  • Help officers and other active members understand the importance of developing and implementing a membership strategy
  • Participate in at least one 1-on-1 discussion with the ASCE Membership Champions Program Manager annually to learn “Best Practices” in recruiting prospects, retaining current members, and growing the future of the profession
  • Grow ASCE’s membership and make your Section/Branch more active

Role of the ASCE Membership Champion  

Rock Climbers  

Why Should I Become an ASCE Membership Champion?
To share your enthusiasm for ASCE by having a hand in growing the organization – and the profession. Your work goes beyond increasing membership numbers. It ensures that ASCE continues to add talented civil engineers who work toward building a better quality of life for the greater community.

Do I Fit the Role of an ASCE Membership Champion?
Do you love telling stories about the challenges and rewards of your profession? Do you dig the data – are you all about numbers? Do you love organizing and being the person “behind the scenes” to ensure the success of an event? Are you a planner or strategist? If any of these activities fit your description, you are an ideal Champion. You do not have to be comfortable in all these roles. Simply solicit another active member who fits the niche to help you.

You are a catalyst, creating and encouraging strategic thinking regarding membership growth.

How Can You Help Me Manage My Time as a Champion? Is There a Set Term?
Are you juggling home, work, and volunteerism? We understand. We offer Champions dozens of templates, “plug ‘n play” worksheets, checklists, and dedicated staff assistance. A scheduled “needs assessment” session with the Champions Program Manager will be the best time you spend to gain the most time in the long run. And remember to encourage other members to assist you. Industry growth is a Champion affair! An active Membership Committee is a great support system. Plus, set your term. Whatever works for you…three months, six months, 12 months, or longer. Be sure to participate in polls, surveys, and opportunities to provide feedback so we may continue our quest to offer you tools that enable you to work with greater efficiency.

Enroll today! 

Champion Resources
Whether prepping for an upcoming event, looking to restock your Champions resources, or checking out all that ASCE has to offer to boost your recruiting and retention efforts, you’ll find this comprehensive list to be just the ticket.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Have questions? Want us to send you materials? No problem. Send the Champion Program Manager an e-mail. Schedule a “1-on-1” interactive needs assessment.

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