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Grow Grads

 ASCE Champions

Recruiting the profession’s up-and-coming talent starts as soon as students set foot in the school halls. From recruiting them to join a Chapter to drafting them into ASCE National after graduation, you can help coach students to a successful career in the professional world – and with ASCE.

ASCE put together the playbook below to help you prepare students to make the jump to the real world. What do you want to do today?

 Talking to a graduate student

1. What do I say to graduating seniors about upgrading to Affiliate membership? 

 1. Game plan: Hearing from a longstanding member who has had a successful career can have a big impact on grads. Host an event to deliver ASCE’s PowerPoint presentation aimed specifically at recent grads. Pair it with stories of your own about how ASCE has helped you get ahead in your career.

1. What you’ll need:  

 Material  Document No.  Play
 Graduate PowerPoint  PPT3 – for graduating students ASCE drew up this sure-to-deliver presentation customized for students making the transition to the working world.
 Membership Resource Guide  BF1 Illustrate ASCE’s benefits with this comprehensive brochure of career- and life-enhancing tools.
 Career Stages brochure  BF3 Show your grads how they can score with ASCE resources at every stage of their career.
 Institute brochure  BF2 Remind grads that their ASCE membership comes with a free membership in one of ASCE’s eight specialty Institutes.
 Graduating Student Member flier  BF8 Hand grads this one-pager with quick hits about how ASCE can help them now and throughout their career.
 Activity Tracker

 RR1 TAB 4

This “plug ‘n play” Excel tool enables you to track every activity from managing the budget to managing mailing lists.

 Other resources: (page links) student organizations; career resources; EWB; younger members

 Graduate students listening

2. How do I introduce students to ASCE? 

 2. Game plan: Word on the street is: students love pizza. Hold a pizza party to talk to your students about ASCE. You can present ASCE’s special student acquisition PowerPoint and add your own personal touch about what your student chapter can offer.

 2. What you’ll need:  

 Material  Document No.  Play
 Student PowerPoint for graduating seniors  PPT3 Complete with talking points, ASCE’s student PowerPoint presentation will get you to the end zone by showing students the value of ASCE.
 Pizza Party flier  BF7 Download the Pizza Party reimbursement criteria and forms. Then download this flier, fill in the details for your party, and post copies around campus.
 Pizza Party sign-up form and feedback form  FM1 These easy-to-use forms tell the story about your success. And they are key to getting reimbursed by ASCE for the pizza.
Merchandise Order form FM5 Order fun ASCE goodies to hand out to your guests.
 Career Stages brochure  BF3 Show students how they can score with ASCE resources at every stage of their career.
 Student Acquisition brochure  BF5 In addition to your fun handouts, send ASCE Student members back to their dorms with this handy brochure outlining ASCE’s student benefits, to help them spread the word about the benefits of transitioning to a professional membership.
 Activity Tracker  RR1 TAB 4 This “plug ‘n play” Excel tool enables you to track every activity from managing the budget to managing mailing lists

 Other information: (page links) student organizations; career resources; EWB

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Have questions? Want us to send you materials? No problem. Send the Champion Program Manager an email. Schedule a “1-on-1” interactive needs assessment. 


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