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When it comes to re-signing (renewing) your members each year, they need to see the value of returning to your team. That’s why ASCE put together the game plans below to help you demonstrate that value to your members – not just at re-signing (renewal) time, but throughout the season. What do you want to do today? 

Keeping Members1. How do I get my members to renew their membership?

1. Who am I “At-Risk” of losing & how do I get them to renew?

1. Game plan: Keep members active in your Section/Branch by hosting and inviting them to events throughout the year – not just around renewal time. Then pour it on before springtime comes to a close, by launching a coordinated renewal campaign that hits members on a variety of communication channels and reminds them just how much they receive from ASCE.

1. What you'll need:

Material Document No. Play
FTP data account  Champions Season Stats Work with your FTP account holder for your Section/Branch to extract member segments for specific retention activities and to track the members who have not renewed by the end of the year.
“At Risk” Member Strategy RR1 TAB 4 It’s all there in black and white (and orange, green, and blue)—a guide to how you can gain extra yardage with members who have proven to be a challenge to retain.
Broadcast e-mail template RR2 “Best Practice” Series Customize this renewal-focused e-mail with a mix of ASCE benefits and benefits unique to your Section/Branch.
Phone call script RR3 “Best Practice” Series Divide up your yet-to-renew members’ names (start with “At Risk” members – see RR1, TAB 4, for a specific strategy for “At Risk” members) and make personal phone calls reminding them to renew; pair this with the elevator speech (MKTG6) and leave a few Career Stages brochures (Doc # BF3).
Letter template RR3 “Best Practice” Series Send yet-to-renew members a personal letter that you’ve tailored with the benefits of your Section/Branch.
Membership PowerPoint PPT1 – for professionals;
PPT2 – for Student members
PPT3 – for graduating students
“Hide or slide”: Use as few or as many slides as you need to reinforce the benefits and to explain value vs. cost.
Section/Branch calendar MKTG4 Remind members of the special events that your Section/Branch will host in the upcoming year.
Activity Tracker RR1 TAB 4 This “plug ‘n play” Excel tool enables you to track every activity from managing the budget to managing mailing lists.
Membership Resource Guide (MRG) BF1 Include a brochure with your customized letter. Leave the MRG out at meetings to underscore the value ASCE provides throughout the year.

Other resources: Engineers Without Borders, Younger MembersMember Benefits

Recognizing Member Accomplishments2. How can I recognize our members’ accomplishments? 

2. Game plan: Perfect! Let your members know that you care not only about them, but about their accomplishments as well. Carve out time during each meeting to recognize member anniversaries and advancements, and publish them in your Section’s/Branch’s newsletter and on the website. Then ask Life and Fellow members to speak at meetings and participate in mentoring programs to pass on their ASCE experiences.

2. What you'll need:

Material Document No. Play
FTP data account   Work with the FTP account holder for your Section/Branch to identify special anniversaries and member grade advancements.
E-mail template RR2 “Best Practice” Series Send a personal e-mail to members who are celebrating an anniversary or who just advanced their membership grade.
Activity Tracker RR1 TAB 4 This “plug ‘n play” Excel tool enables you to track every activity from managing the budget to managing mailing lists.
Newsletter or website article   Post announcements in your Section/Branch newsletter recognizing anniversaries and membership grade advancements.

Other resources: Mentoring, Fellows 

And for more ideas, check out Doc. #RR1-Recruitment & Retention Ideas Using the FTP Member Data

Schedule a “1-on-1” interactive needs assessment

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