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Recruit Prospects

ASCE Champions

Strengthening your team starts with adding fresh talent to your roster. Whether your scouting report has one prospect, 50, 500, or any number in between, ASCE has the right recruiting resources for every situation, so you can make a splash when it comes time to seal the deal.

We drew up the packages below to get you game ready. What do you want to do today?

People arriving at conference1. What can I give to non-members who attend our Section/Branch meetings?

1. Game plan: Good question. Approaching nonmembers at your meeting gives you an opportunity to answer any of their ASCE questions on the spot. Then personally hand them a brochure and application with your name and contact info in case they have questions later. And make sure you take down their info too so that you can follow up with them! 

1. What you’ll need:

Material Document No.  Play
Elevator speech MKTG6 Deliver a brief membership pitch to potential members that hits the highlights of ASCE’s value.
Membership Acquisition brochure
with enclosed application
BF6 – for professionals;
 BF5 – for students
Hand this to your prospective members so they can have a comprehensive look at all ASCE has to offer; it includes an application to sign up.
Career Stages brochure BF3 Show the lifelong value of ASCE at every stage of the potential member’s career.
Activity Tracker RR1, Tab 3 This “plug ‘n play” Excel tool enables you to track every activity from managing the budget to managing mailing lists.

Meeting attendees2. How do I create a marketing campaign to bring in new members?

2. Game plan: Excellent idea! A broad campaign allows you to reach a wide range of potential members. You’ll want to connect with these prospects on multiple levels, including by e-mail, in print, and even over the phone. And we’ve given you the plan – and the tools – to do it. 

2. What you’ll need:

Material Document No. Play
Membership strategy Contact the Champion Program Manager
Schedule a “1-on-1” with the Champion Program Manager. This personalized needs assessment by phone comes with a follow-up e-mail with a “plug ‘n play” strategy for building your successful recruiting campaign.
Membership letter template RR3 “Best Practice” Series A critical piece in your outreach campaign; use this customizable template to reach a broad number of prospective members.
E-mail campaign template RR2 “Best Practice” Series Follow up your letter with this e-mail that lets you tailor the text with benefits specific to your Section/Branch.
Member campaign calendar MKTG4 Track your outreach efforts so that you know when it’s time to advance to the next stage.
Activity Tracker RR1, Tab 3 This “plug ‘n play” Excel tool enables you to track every activity from managing the budget to managing mailing lists.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Have questions? Want us to send you materials? No problem. Send the Champion Program Manager, and they will work with you one-on-one.

And check out our Recruiting Tips tab in Doc No. RR1, Tab 2 “Getting Started” for more ideas.

Schedule a “1-on-1” interactive needs assessment.

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