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Recruitment Tips

Tips you can use to jump start your recruiting campaign.

General Recruiting Tips

Share your great experience with others – and help grow the ASCE family! As an ASCE Champion, you are helping your colleagues to enhance their professional lives and strengthening our community as you introduce them to the professional benefits of membership. To assist you, here are some tips on successfully reaching potential members:

  • Be familiar with the many benefits ASCE offers members and share them with your colleagues.
  • Show your colleagues your copies of Civil Engineering, and other publications you may have, share with them a link to ASCE News, and forward them a copy of your daily ASCE SmartBrief.
  • Tell your colleagues about your positive experiences as a Section or Branch member.
  • Provide prospective members with the Web site address so they can join online:
  • Personally deliver new member application forms and ASCE Member Benefits brochures to your recruits.
  • Identify the best candidates for ASCE membership.
  • Follow up with prospective members and see if they’ve mailed in their applications or joined online.
  • Send an e-mail or handwritten note thanking them for considering ASCE membership and expressing appreciation for their support of ASCE.
  •  Recommend ASCE to your colleagues with a smile!

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Recruiting Tips for Section/Branch Membership Champions

Being the Membership Champion is an important responsibility because new members are the lifeblood of a Society like ASCE. Membership recruitment is a necessary and continuous process. To help the Membership Champion, ASCE provides materials and contacts. What follows are just some tips to help.
If you don’t already have one, set up a Membership Committee.

  • Create and distribute promotional fliers that outline the benefits of Section/Branch membership. Use the membership promotion brochures from national to assist you in the development of fliers and to brainstorm among your members for reasons to join.
  • Sponsor talks on civil engineering issues, such as local/state legislation affecting civil engineers in your area.
  • Invite local community and political leaders to your meetings.
  • Secure your state’s registration list and contact non-member civil engineers by phone or e-mail. Go to and download your state’s P.E.’s.
  • Contact your organization’s human resources department to obtain a list of civil engineers hired in the past few years. Encourage your members to do the same.
  • Contact employers (private, government, educational) in your area to obtain a list of civil engineers hired in the past few years.
  • Designate a contact person at each company to inform non-members of meetings and other activities. Develop fliers/posters to post at their worksites.
  • Follow up your letter with a phone call or e-mail message.
  • Invite potential members to a “meet-and-greet” reception. Ask for RSVPs and assign members to specific people who are planning to attend. Doing this gives the new person a point of contact who can then introduce him or her to other members in the group. Arrange for presentations, food, etc., but also leave time for talking.
  • Host a Pizza Party for new member recruitment or transitioning students (upgrading to Associate Member). ASCE will supply you with ASCE plates, napkins, cups, a Pizza Party flyer for advertising, and any other materials you may need (such as applications or career brochures). ASCE will reimburse you for the cost of pizza. Note that ASCE can only reimburse you for pizza and not for drinks, appetizers, or desserts. If you are interested in throwing a Pizza Party, contact Marcia Boyd at
  • Personal contact is one of the most effective ways to acquire new members.
  • Take advantage of free camera-ready ads from ASCE national for your Section/Branch Newsletter.
  • Provide the ASCE Member Services Department with a list of local civil engineering alumni or a list of the registered professional engineers in your state. ASCE will then send them a personalized letter with an application for membership.
  • Recruit Section members to take an active role in developing new members. Include your name and contact information as a source for recruitment kits, applications, questions, etc.
  • Find out from people why they would join a society, what they would expect to obtain as a benefit to their careers. With that information, you can focus on the parts of ASCE that would fit their needs.
  • Use the ASCE Web site as a recruiting tool. Invite people to go online and explore ASCE activities and resources.

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Face-to-Face Recruitment is Easier than You Think

If you’re not comfortable with sales, don’t worry, few people are. The truth is that every day you unconsciously persuade people (colleagues, bosses, and family) to do what you want them to do. You sell your perspective or idea by showing what’s in it for them. It’s easy to apply the same principles and persuasion techniques you have already mastered to talk about membership.

  • Reflect on the primary reason you first joined and why you continue your membership. A personal anecdote, relating how ASCE has helped you, is often most compelling. You know the value of membership – the challenge is to communicate it to your fellow engineers.
  • Listen to colleagues and uncover their needs. Once you’ve determined your fellow engineers’ needs, tailor your message to address those needs, showing specifically how ASCE can help.
  • Be sure to follow up with your prospect. Generally you have to reinforce and reiterate the reasons for joining ASCE at least once.
  • Never get discouraged!

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