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Using Membership Data

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Download a complete Excel workbook of retention and recruitment ideas!

Download Resource RR1. It’s an easy-to-use “working” Excel file that lets you:
  • Get a complete list of retention and recruitment ideas.
  • Track your activities.
  • Get the tips described on this page in one easy-to-use format.
  • Get more tips on how to keep “at-risk” members.
  • How to engage 1st year members.

Now that you have your FTP account, it’s time to put it to good use. This powerful tool can help you target specific segments of your Section/Branch membership and boost your recruiting and membership engagement activities.

Let’s get started! What do you want to do today?

How do I welcome new members?

Andrew Herman welcomes a memberThe game plan: Use your FTP account to welcome new members by identifying their election date. For example, in early February choose all members elected between January 1 and 31 of the current year for January new members.

How do I keep current members?

 Having trouble extracting your data?

  • Try changing browsers.
  • Try clearing your cache.

Looking for data field definitions?

How else can we be of service? 


The game plan: Use your membership data to launch your renewal campaign! You’ll see that the field “AG,” titled “Last National Dues Paid Year,” indicates the last year a member paid dues. Any member who does not have the previous year or current year listed in this column has not renewed and will be dropped in March.

Tell them how they can renew:

  • Call (800) 548-ASCE (2723) or 703-295-6300
  • Return one of the renewal forms they have received.

Note: Once a member has been officially dropped they can no longer go to; they must either call customer service, send an email to, or return one of the renewal forms they had previously received.

How do I help graduates advance their membership?

The game plan: Your membership data account can help you identify Student members preparing to graduate, using the field “AF,” titled “Member Grade.” Sort by field “AV,” titled “Expected Date of Graduation,” where senior Student members will show the current year. The field “AW,” titled “Student Member School Name,” will show the name of the university from which these students aere graduating.

How do I welcome students who recently upgraded?

The game plan: Use your membership data to look for Associate members and Affiliate members with recent grade dates. Those whose grade date does not equal their election date means that they joined ASCE as a Student member and recently transferred to Associate or Affiliate member grade.

Note: If you have access to lists of members that have passed the P.E. exam, please send them to us by email or call Customer Service at 1-800-548-ASCE(2723) and we will advance your Affiliate and Associate members.

How do I recognize Life members?

Award recipientThe game plan: You can easily identify Life members because they will have a “yes” in the Life Member Code field. Simply sort the data by “yes” in the Life Member Code field and then sort by the Life Year field.

Application packets may be requested by contacting the ASCE Membership Division at (800) 548-ASCE (2723) or (703) 295-6300; by fax at (703) 295-6333 or by e-mail. The applicant can also access additional information about the Fellow guidelines and a PDF version of the Fellow application packet.

For questions about the Fellow application process or guidelines, please contact the applications coordinator at (800) 548-ASCE (2723) ext. 6289, at (703) 295-6289, or via e-mail.

How do I celebrate members’ professional accomplishments?

The game plan: Recognize your members’ accomplishments – whether it’s advancing from Associate to Member, from Member to Fellow, or from Fellow to Distinguished, or passing the P.E. exam – by sorting your data by “Grade Date.” Then you can identify all members who have recently advanced their membership grade.

How do I recognize member anniversaries?

The game plan: To identify members who have achieved significant membership anniversaries, such as five, 10, or 15 years of ASCE membership, simply look at the “Election Date” field in your membership data. For example, a member who joined ASCE in 1985 reached his or her 25th year of ASCE membership in 2010.

How do I establish or reinvigorate my Younger Member Group/Forum?

Steel Bridge Contest competitorsThe game plan: Your Younger Member Group can be the strongest link to connecting with and retaining recently graduated students and new members. Use the “Birth Date” field to identify members who are age 35 and younger, and target fun activities toward these members.

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