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    ASCE publishes high quality, authoritative books that represent the best thinking in civil engineering research and practice. Prior to publication each title is exhaustively peer-reviewed by groups of subject matter experts. Our list includes more than 1,500 Standards, Manuals of Practice, Committee Reports, Proceedings, and ASCE Press titles. For further information visit the Bookstore.


    ASCE's 33 peer-reviewed journals, highly cited and highly respected, are the medium through which civil engineers exchange technical and professional knowledge. Information published in the journals forms an archival record of the technical advances of today's civil engineering profession.

    Expanded Digital Archive. The complete volumes from 1983-1989 are now available online as part of our continuing effort to digitize the ASCE Journal backfile.

    Research Tools

    The Civil Engineering Database contains over 170,000 bibliographic records of everything ASCE has published since 1970. The ASCE Library is a comprehensive tool for locating online content across all disciplines of civil engineering. The Library provides you with unprecedented access to more than 80,000 full-text papers from ASCE Journals and Proceedings published - that’s over 690,000 pages! Approximately 7,000 new papers will be added each year.


    Turn to Civil Engineering, ASCE's award-winning monthly magazine, for information about significant projects, events, and trends of interest to civil engineers. The mix of articles in each issue is designed to appeal to a broad range of readers, who represent the full spectrum of civil engineering disciplines. Other periodicals include ASCE News which reports on the activities of the Society and Geo-Strata, published on behalf of the Geo-Institute.

    Contract Documents

    ASCE participates in a joint committee that includes American Council of Engineering Companies, NSPE's Professional Engineers in Private Practice Division, Associated General Contractors of America and more than fifteen other professional engineering design, construction, owner, legal, and risk management organizations to develop and update fair and objective standard contract documents that represent the latest and best thinking in contractual relations between all parties involved in engineering design and construction projects.

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    Content Description: Get the latest ASCE Publications 
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     Welcome to myASCE, the online community for civil engineers.

    This community is intended to allow you to connect more easily with other members.This “beta” version has many features, like photo galleries and personal blog spaces. You may use it to edit your personal information. You will also automatically be in community groups for your ASCE committees. If you would like to edit your personal preferences click here


    Click here to see a video about how to work in myASCE groups.

    We’re still refining the site, so you may find some features a little slow, but we want to give you the opportunity to try it out. Please also be aware that we may also take the site down periodically to run upgrades.

    As with anything web-based, there is always room for improvement, and we welcome your suggestions. You can send them to

    Thank you

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    Content Title: Professional Contacts 
    Content Description: Social Media tools designed just for civil engineers.  
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    • Akron Canton Section [URL]  
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    • Georgia Section [URL]
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      • South Metro Branch 
    • Hawaii Section [URL]  
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    • South Dakota Section
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    • Southern Idaho Section [URL]  
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      • Northeast Branch
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      • San Antonio Branch [URL]  
      • Southeast Branch
      • West Texas Branch
    • Thailand Section
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    • United Arab Emirates Section
    • Utah Section [URL]
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      • Wasatch Front Branch
    • Vermont Section [URL]  
    • Virginia Section [URL]
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    • Wyoming Section   
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    Content Title: Local Activities 
    Content Description: Gain leadership skills by joining a local committee. 
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    42 -  Raise the Bar

    ASCE leads the development of preparing future civil engineers for the complex challenges facing 21st century society. In this process ASCE raises the bar for professional practice so that future civil engineers can protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare. 

    81 - Disaster Preparedness and Response

    ASCE provides resources including postdisaster training programs for civil engineers facing the daunting responsibility of rebuilding and repairing infrastructure in devastated communities.

    Get Involved  

    Outreach event at the National Building Museum 

    3 - PR Training and Toolkit
    11 - Career Fair-in-a-Box
    39 - ASCEville
    43 - West Point Bridge Design Contest
    80 - K-12 Outreach  You can introduce civil engineering to K-12 students with exciting and interactive ASCE and ASCE-sponsored programs and activities showcasing the possibilities of your exciting profession, including TV shows, such as Design Squad, Building Big and ZOOM into Engineering; volunteering at high school clubs; making classroom visits during EWeek; and pointing students to websites like

      Issues and Advocacy 101 Ways to Benefit 

    Government Relations

    17- Expert Testimony 
    27 - ASCE advocates on your behalf to address the profession’s critical issues with Congress. Raise your voice by becoming an ASCE Key Contact to receive alerts on the latest public policy issues.  As a Key Contact, you receive This Week in Washington emailed to you, a weekly newsletter highlighting the regulations and government activities that impact you and the profession.
    48 - Congressional Fellows   


    88 - ASCE recently released a series of economic studies measuring the real effects
    on our nation’s economic performance should current infrastructure investment trends continue. By explaining the potential impacts to the U.S. GDP, personal income, and jobs, these Failure to Act reports illustrate how investment today is critical for tomorrow. 
    94 - Liquid Assets 

    Public Policies and Priorities

    93. ASCE represents you and the profession in the public policy arena. There is no better way to communicate your views on an issue to your elected offi cialsthan a face-to-face meeting. Demonstrate your high level of commitment to the issues and voice your concerns to congressional offi cials by participating in ASCE’s annual
    Legislative Fly-In
    . Learn how to Click & Connect with your elected officials.


    30 - Report Card for America’s Infrastructure  

    Report Card horiz logoASCE has become widely recognized for highlighting the need for infrastructure investment and renewal through the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. Go online to access our Outreach Toolkit with customizable presentations and talking points to help you share information with your local community and elected officials.

    30a - State Report Cards  

    44 - Sustainability 

    ASCE leads the way when it comes to helping incorporate sustainability principles into your daily practice to advance the Triple Bottom Line. To help with this process, ASCE has developed sustainability case studies that represent a range of project types, from budgets to geographic regions.

    38 - Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure  

    25 - Vision 2025 

    Vision 2025 coverYou help shape the profession’s future rather than sitting back as world events shape it for you. The publication The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025 embraces a transformational role for future civil engineers. In this aspirational vision for the year 2025, society entrusts civil engineers to help achieve a sustainable world and raise the global quality of life.   


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    Content Title: Advocacy 
    Content Description: ASCE lets your opinions be heard. 
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    Your New PDH Tracker and Personalized Hub for Continuing Education

    myLearning logo - large size  

    Manage your professional development and license renewal through ASCE’s new learning management system—myLearning. Make myLearning your personalized hub for continuing education to explore the comprehensive program catalog  and track your PDHs.

    Discover the new possibilities for your Continuing Education:

    ASCE's Catalog of Programs...
    Browse and Search the Catalog at ASCE offers hundreds of programs and the largest of catalog of webinars for civil engineers.

    Your PDH Tracker—myTranscript...
    Begin tracking your PDHs by logging in with your ASCE email username and password at myLearning. View, print, and save a transcript of the PDHs you earn throughout the year using the myTranscript function within myLearning. All the ASCE courses you complete will automatically be logged at myTranscript, and you can manually add courses from other education providers to track your PDHs in one central location.

    Access a Program or Product...
    Access a purchased product or program, or take an exam by logging in with your ASCE email username and password at


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    Content Title: myLearning 
    Content Description: Your New Hub for Continuing Education 
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    Learn. Inspire. Discover 

    Learn.  Inspire.  Discover.

    ASCE offers you rich opportunities to use and grow your skills inside and outside the profession to make a difference. 

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    Content Title: Outreach & K-12 
    Content Description: Volunteer your skills and make a difference. 
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    ASCE invites you to utilize all that ASCE affords to help you achieve and surpass your career and personal goals. Member Benefit Banner



    Learn how ASCE saves members money; check out the post in Ken Maschke's Emerging Engineer channel in the ASCE Roundup.

    Members: Get Your Free PDH Credits

    5 Free PDHs for ASCE MembersAll ASCE members can choose up to 5 select webinars to count toward required continuing education credit. See what webinars are available.

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    Content Title: Personal Benefits 
    Content Description: Programs to help you gain the most from your membership. 
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    Career Reources Marketing Image 

    Stand out. Get Ahead. Advance Your Career.

    ASCE helps civil engineers at every stage of their career.  

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    Content Title: Careers & Salaries 
    Content Description: Advance your career and find out what you're worth. 
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    Content item:

    Civil Engineering magazineCivil Engineering is the award-winning monthly flagship magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Established in 1930, Civil Engineering appeals to a broad range of readers who represent the full spectrum of civil engineering disciplines: architectural, structural, geotechnical and geoenvironmental, transportation, coastal, environmental, and water resources. Reaching an audience of more than 140,000 civil engineers worldwide, this magazine has the largest circulation in the engineering market and provides a compelling editorial mix of engineering projects and trends, engineering science, business and professional strategies, exploration of key issues, and news.

    Call 1-(800) 548-2723 to place orders for print subscriptions to Civil Engineering, or email us at Annual subscription rates: ASCE members first subscription, $25.00 included in dues. Nonmember subscriptions, $250.00 (domestic), $295.00 (international). Single copies, $30.00.

    The Civil Engineering website provides weekly news and feature content that supplements the content of the monthly print and digital editions.

    Civil Engineering Staff  

    Anne Elizabeth Powell, Editor in Chief
    Jeff Roth, Art Director 
    Laurie Shuster, Managing Editor 
    Robert L. Reid, Senior Editor  
    Kevin Wilcox, Web Editor
    Catherine Cardno, Ph.D., Web Editor 
    Chris Ralston, Technical Editor 
    David Hill, Senior Writer 
    Ray Bert, Jeff L. Brown, Tara Hoke, Jay Landers, Michael C. Loulakis, Lauren P. McLaughlin, Contributing Editors  

    Dianne Vance, Director of Advertising
    Mario Marzette, Manager, Ad Sales Marketing 
    Julian Stamerro, Coordinator, Sales and Circulation Coordinator
    Mary Kellner, Coordinator, Sales and Sponsorships
    Sean Richardson, Production Manager / Reprints

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    Content Title: CE Magazine and SmartBrief 
    Content Description: The latest news affecting the profession. 
    Image: /uploadedImages/Membership/New_member_welcome/CECover.jpg