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  • Mentoring Collage

    A civil engineer's learning is never complete.  Connect with other ASCE members through ASCE’s mentoring offerings to share your passion for civil engineering, grow your skills inside and outside the profession and make a difference.

  • ASCE’s eCareer Mentoring

    ASCE’s eCareerMentor is an online tool that connects ASCE members with common interests or specific expertise, encouraging professional and personal growth through shared experiences.  While eCareerMentor shares the goals of face-to-face mentoring, it greatly expands the opportunity to connect across the globe.  Our goal is to facilitate professional support outside the immediate work environment, for maximum learning advantage.

    Interested in joining eCareerMentor but not an ASCE member? Participation is open to all ASCE members free of charge, so join today!

    Why Become a Mentor?

    Mentors are able to practice communication and leadership skills through the program, while serving other members who can learn from their experiences. Advance the civil engineering profession by helping others meet their professional goals.

    Learn more about becoming a mentor.

    Why Become a Protégé?

    For Protégés, eCareerMentor is an invaluable professional development tool, providing access to expertise outside your immediate professional network. Connect with others and get guidance to reach your career goals.

    Learn more about becoming a protégé.

    eCareerMentor Communication Expectations

    Successful mentoring relationships establish the frequency of communication upfront. For a rewarding experience, ASCE has established communication expectations.

    •  Discuss and agree upon the frequency of communication, and the best platform.
    •  Respond to your mentor’s/protégé’s communications in a timely manner.
    •  Modify your availability if your commitments change, and discuss changes to this framework with your mentor/protégé.
    •  Communicate professionally and respect each other.

    All eCareerMentor participants should strive to meet these parameters. If you feel your mentor or protégé is not, please contact us.

    Interested in additional mentoring resources?

    How Mentoring Can Help You Achieve Your Goals, a one-hour ASCE eLearning webinar, focuses on the benefits of mentoring, provides strategies for finding the right mentor and/or protege, and outlines how to participate in mentoring through ASCE.

    Mentor and Protege Tip Sheets share suggestions for getting the most out of your relationship.