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Extreme Engineers


Real Engineers Tell You Why They Love It!

Avery BangName: Avery Bang
Civil engineering specialty: Structural for developing world
"One of the most interesting professional challenges that I have in my day-to-day is, how can I go into a community and how can I provide that infrastructure that as Americans, we very much take for granted? ... You see very directly how you can go in and be very passionate about one thing, and have a very profound impact."
Video: Avery tells you why she became a civil engineer 

Robert D'OnofrioName: Robert D'Onofrio
Civil engineering specialty: Forensic engineer
"I was really interested in finding out how things worked and solving problems. Construction failure cases often involve inspecting the site to determine exactly how the failure occurred so that you can piece it back together."

Cheeta Soga
Cheeta Soga
Civil engineering specialty: Sustainable site development/consulting
Cheeta's advice for future engineers: "Go for it! Research different areas to find out what you like. Learn about programs and classes that will help prepare you. Being an engineer will open a lot of doors for you!"

Sarah WeissmanName: Sarah Weissman
Civil engineering specialty: Transporation
"Know what your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can make the greatest positive change for your community. Engineering is all about making positive impacts on society; it takes incredible individuals who are ethical, objective and not afraid to stand up for the citizens who have put their trust in us."

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