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Portfolio of programs

Engineers Week

Engineers Week celebrates the positive contributions engineers make to society and is a catalyst for outreach across the country to kids and adults alike.  Each year during Engineers Week, with the guidance of the ASCE Engineers Week Task Committee, the Pre-College Outreach program:

  • Provides tips, tools and free or low-cost resources to ASCE members to help them celebrate Engineers Week in their local Section or Branch
  • Recognizes the contributions of engineer volunteers through a formal recognition program and highlights their accomplishments at our Multi-Regional National Conferences
  • Promotes new and exciting developments in the Pre-College Outreach program that can be used to enhance outreach at the local level
  • Presents special ASCE award to a deserving Future City Competition team during National Finals in Washington, D.C.

In 2010, ASCE was the National Society chair along with corporate co-chair ExxonMobil.

2012 Future City winners 

Programs and Resources

Curious George - Let's Build!  ASCE, in partnership with Universal Studios and Scholastic Inc. developed math and science based educational materials that introduce engineering design concepts to preK-1 students.  Engineers and educators may use reproducible lesson plans that supplement a series of televised Curious George shows. Activities and worksheets in the lesson plan reinforce objects and concepts familiar to little ones who want to “Become a Builder” just like George.  


Civil Engineering - It's Everywhere!  ASCE supports member volunteers with resources to carry this message to students in their outreach efforts.  Handouts to supplement classroom visits for grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 are available in classroom sets..  Members may also reserve a Career-Fair-in-a Box with this message prominently displayed on a bright full-sized table cover.  Kits are customizable for audiences of middles school, high school, all female or all engineering audiences.  Kids learn that what civil engineering is all about and how it touches so many of the things we take for granted every day!

It's your life, your world.  How will you make a difference? High School students learn that Civil Engineering is a profession that truly makes a difference in the lives of others through this engaging handout for students in grades 9 - 12.  ASCE offers these handouts in classroom sets to volunteers  and educators working with high school students. Used in conjunction with ASCE's Career Fair-in-a-Box or a school visit, the messaging in this handout reinforces the idea that civil engineers defy stereotypes and make powerful, creative contributions to society.

West Point Bridge Designer  Sponsored by ASCE, the West Point Bridge Designer Contest uses computer simulation to introduce students to engineering through an authentic, hands-on design experience.  Free downloadable software provides the tools students need to model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge based on realistic specifications, constraints, and performance criteria.  ASCE supports volunteers in setting up local contests or using the software as a basis for smaller educational outreach efforts.

Media Partners

Building BIG logo 

Building Big!  ASCE, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, the Public Broadcasting system and others, contributed to the Building Big television series on PBS and helped formulate exceptional outreach materials celebrating the built environment and the people behind it.  ASCE members have access to the ever popular Building Big activity guide and DVD set to help kids in grades 5 - 9 explore the concepts behind and impact of some of the world's most magnificent structures: Dams, Tunnels, Bridges, Domes and Skyscrapers! Design Squad Nation  Design Squad on PBS sends two hosts around the country to work side-by-side with kids to turn their dreams into reality - via engineering.  The TV show, Website, and extensive outreach campaign are sparking kids inventive spirit and engaging them in content-rich engineering challenges.  Volunteers who work with kids in middle school will appreciate ASCE's Design Squad resources that include an activity guide, event planning guide and teacher's guide. 

Engineer Your Life  An outgrowth of the Women's National Outreach Collaborative project, this ground breaking messaging campaign is successfully challenging high school girls, teachers, and counselors' outdated stereotypes about engineering.  Based on the results of an extensive nationwide survey identifying what girls want - careers that are creative, collaborative, personally fulfilling, and socially relevant, this program and it's resources are making a compelling case that engineering is not just for boys.  Volunteers who work with female students will find these program resources valuable in shaping their message.

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman Part game show, part reality TV, and part spoof, FETCH! features real kids, real challenges, real science and an unreal host, Ruff Ruffman (yes, an animated dog!)  Developed specifically for six-to-ten-year-olds, the program and it's accompanying educational outreach resources will add fun and engaging ways for kids to investigate the world to your educational outreach effort.

ZOOM into Engineering!  Although no longer running as a PBS television series, ASCE still strongly supports ZOOM's popular engineering activities.  Volunteers working with elementary students will find a wealth of free downloadable resources on the Zoom into engineering Website. 

On the Web

ASCEville    ASCEville is ASCE's signature Website for Pre-College Outreach.  ASCEville provides kids in grades 3 - 7 a fun, informative, and interactive introduction into the exciting world of civil engineering.  Through interactive games, videos, and interesting profiles of young engineers, kids will learn that engineering is a BIG career with wide creative possibilities that is making a big impact on the world around us.  ASCEville's new sustainability game on the home page allows kids to explore ASCEville's urban landscape for "green" features that help improve the quality of life for everyone. A companion poster for teachers makes a nice add-on to leave behind after a classroom visit, or to include as an outreach project for your community. 

Discover E icon 

Discover-e  Looking to promote your next outreach event?  ASCE and other coalition partners of the National Engineers Week Foundation have created a Website that provides a rich, searchable data base filled with engineering events, workshops and camp programs to explore by geographical area.  Linked to the larger Engineers Week campaign, "Discover Engineering!", this go-to site is quickly becoming the place for families, teachers, and other adults who work with kids and are looking for opportunities in their area.   Engineering outreach volunteers and organizers may register at the site to include their activities and be a part of this national campaign.