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Pre-College Outreach Training

Outreach 101

Build your skills and confidence in talking about civil engineering and guiding kids through engineering design activities.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers

Gain insight into effective messaging about civil engineering that is sure to please and excite kids.


Preparing for a Classroom Visit

A little planning goes a long way toward being sure that your activities run smoothly and kids stay engaged.


Tips for Working with Kids

Kids can be unpredictable, so gain confidence with a few simple tips to help guide them during your classroom visit.

Createdby the WGBH Education Department for ASCE. © 2012 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Project Lead: Lauren Feinberg; Project Advisors: Borgna Brunner, Susan Buckey, Sonja Latimore, and Nancy LInde; Photographers: Stacey Wei and Lauren Feinberg; Volunteer Engineer models: Chris Randall and Vanessa Forero; Narrator: Gentry Menzel. Photos courtesy of ASCE, WGBH, Microsoft Corporation, SITE Design Group Inc, Leikny Johnson, David Hathcox, and Blend Images/Jose Luis Pelaez Inc /Getty Images. Special thanks to the 6th graders at James P. Timilty Middle School in Roxbury, MA.