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ASCE publishes 35 journals—more than 7,000 papers per year of civil engineering research and practice. Explore one of the titles below to find out how to submit a manuscript, where to preview the newest findings, and how to subscribe. Start your research with 1,000,000 pages of journal articles and proceedings papers in the ASCE Library

The process of reviewing articles for publication in ASCE's journals is a labor of love. Volunteer reviewers apply their expertise and spend countless hours of their time to ensure that submitted articles are timely and worthy of inclusion in their publications. The editors of ASCE's journals have chosen to recognize the efforts of their reviewers through ASCE's reviewer recognition program. Recently, 91 reviewers representing 16 journals were formally recognized. See our 2012 Outstanding Reviewers

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Call For Papers for ASCE Journals.

ASCE's Journals Catalog provides you with all of the key information you need to make an informed purchasing decision related to our online and print subscriptions, including new developments for the 2014 subscription term.

Richard R. Torrens Award is presented annually by the Board Publications Committee to a journal or practice periodical editor whose service has been exemplary.

The Associate Editors Award is presented annually by the Board Publications Committee recognizing an Associate Editor who has provided consistent and exemplary service to a particular journal or practice periodical, or a substantial unique contribution to the enhancement of ASCE’s publication activities.

Society Awards for publications are conferred by the Board of Direction in the name of the Society for the advancement of the engineering profession.

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