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ASCE coordinates the civil engineering profession's response to disasters of national and international signficance, both lending a hand in the recovery and drawing lessons for the future. 

ASCE has a long-standing partnership with the American Red Cross, through which it coordinates contributions to relief and facilitates disaster training for civil engineers. As part of its disaster response procedure, ASCE forms technical teams to study infrastructure damage caused by natural or man-made disasters. 

Since 2001, ASCE's Committee on Critical Infrastructure has been responsible for coordinating programs, policies, and procedures for ASCE's response to events of national and/or international significance. This includes addressing liability and legal issues, operational issues regarding participation in disaster response and recovery operations, and developing and promoting training programs for ASCE members to participate in disaster response, recovery, and mitigation efforts.

ASCE Follows Up on New Zealand Quake With Structural Engineering Investigators

ASCE joins in mourning the loss of life, and extends its sympathies to all victims of the devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand. ASCE is planning to send engineer teams to assess the damage to critical infrastructure. Read the diaries of two ASCE members who were there -- a Distinguished Member coincidentally lecturing about seismic forensics, as well as the president of the Structural Engineering Institute.

Chile Earthquake and Tsunami

Although Chile's history of earthquakes means it was better prepared than most nations, the 8.8-magnitude temblor in the nation's center on Feb. 27 still has left widespread, massive devastation and death. ASCE extends our sympathies to the victims and encourages you to support relief efforts with a financial contribution to our longstanding partner, the American Red Cross. Visit the Red Cross page on Chile to make a donation.

Post-Disaster Teams

Haitian Earthquake

Haiti is still in the throes of recovery from its devastating earthquake. A team from ASCE's Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering arrived at the scene Feb. 28 to survey the damage, and will have a report on their findings in the coming weeks. You can make a donation to the American Red Cross designated specifically for Haiti relief.

ASCE Extends Sympathies to Nashville-Region Flooding Victims, Urges Donations

Nashville and Middle Tennessee have been swamped by the worst flooding the region has seen in decades. ASCE extends its sympathies to everyone victimized by the flooding, and encourages donations to the the Society's partner, the American Red Cross, to aid in the relief efforts.