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Raise the Bar Network

Engineers Are the Key to a Better Future

ASCE's new Raise the Bar Network to urge states
to heighten educational, licensure standards

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'Raising the Bar'
No one plays a more important role in designing, building and renewing America's infrastructure than civil engineers, a role that will only increase in the years ahead. The future depends on expert engineers who are also skilled leaders, able to transform our infrastructure with forward-thinking solutions.

America's engineers will need a range of knowledge that involves not only technical expertise, but leadership and communication skills as well. Enriched by this education, engineers will continue their position as trusted problem-solvers who can be relied on to maintain our infrastructure, and also act as key influencers of sound public policy.

Citing a 2005 report by the National Academy of Engineering, which states "the exploding body of science and engineering knowledge can not be accommodated within the traditional 4-year degree," ASCE supports a plan that calls for "raising the bar" of educational and licensure standards to ensure that tomorrow's engineers are best able to meet the infrastructure challenges America faces. These changes were recently incorporated into a new model law adopted by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.

Show support for higher standards

ASCE has formed a broad Raise the Bar Network at the state level that will help implement the new model law, and seeks your interest in supporting the efforts. Members of the network will periodically receive information and alerts related to the Raise the Bar initiative, as well as information on how they can actively contribute to the initiative. Interested?  Click here to sign up.

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