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Here is an archive of news items that have appeared as Headlines on ASCE's home page. These items are the original headlines and copy; note that clicking on the links will open pages that may have been revised since their appearance in Headlines.

August 2011

The 2011 ASCE Election Results Are In  Learn more >>

Failing to Invest in Transportation Will Hurt U.S. Quality of Life, New Study for ASCE Finds  Learn more >>

July 2011

Journal of Management in Engineering Offering Free Access to 25 Years of Best Papers  Learn more >>

30 Years Later - The Kansas City Hyatt Regency Skywalk Collapse  Learn more >>

May 2011

Engineering is the Top Paying College Major  Learn more >>

Triumph in Steel  Learn more >>

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Working to Reroute Mississippi River Flooding  Learn more >>  

April 2011

ASCE Announces 2011 Class of Distinguished Members  Learn more >>

February 2011

ASCE President Comments on Obama Address  Learn more >>

Obama References ASCE Report Card in State of the Union Address  Learn more >>

At House Hearing, ASCE President Elect Herrmann Promotes Infrastructure Jobs  Learn more >>


January 2011

Congested Roads Hitting Americans In the Pocketbook  Learn more >>

December 2010

ASCEville Goes 'Green!'
ASCEville, the site dedicated to helping kids explore the important role civil engineers play in helping make local communities better places to live and work, has had an exciting "green" makeover! In ASCEville, kids and adults can go on a scavenger hunt for 20 features through the city that highlight sustainable, environmentally friendly civil engineering. You'll also find great resources to engage kids in conversations about civil engineering. Remember the address:!  Learn more >>

Gas Tax Increase Is Vital to U.S. Economy and Public Safety
Although President Obama's deficit-reduction commission was unable to officially forward its plan to Congress, ASCE is calling on lawmakers to pass the provision for a 15-cent gas tax increase dedicated to the Transportation Trust Fund. "We need to realize and accept that a 15 cent increase in the gas tax will have far less of an impact on our checkbooks than the cost of failing infrastructure," said ASCE President Kathy J. Caldwell.  Read her official statement. Learn more >>

ASCE News to Go to Digital Format  Learn more >>

Live P.E. Exam Review Courses on the Web  Learn more >>  

November 2010

ASCE News to Go to Digital Format
Beginning with January's edition, ASCE News will be published in a digital format only, part of ASCE's commitment to sustainability and fiscal responsibility. The digital edition will be made available for viewing and download by ASCE members each midmonth. See how it looks with this month's issue.  Learn more >>

Six-Year Archive of Answers to Professional Ethics Questions Now Online In a new addition to the ethics resources on ASCE's website, the entire archive of answers to questions submitted each month to ASCE News' column "A Question of Ethics" is now available online. The column's webpage highlights this year's questions, and includes links to every column back to 2005. The answers are based on recent ethical cases considered by ASCE's Committee on Professional Conduct, or ethical issues brought to the attention of ASCE's counsel.  Learn more >>


'Civil Engineer' One of America's Top 10 Jobs, Money Magazine Says
Money magazine debuted its list of the top 100 jobs in America on Monday, and "civil engineer" came in at No. 6. Read the magazine's profile of civil engineering, and watch a video produced in concert with CNN Money. Learn more >>

1990 ASCE President John Focht Jr. Dies  Learn more >>

ASCE Member Elected to Congress From West Virginia  Learn more >>

ASCE Excellence in Journalism Award Nominations Sought  Learn more >>

October 2010

Media Turn to ASCE as Trusted Source on Infrastructure
The crumbling state of the nation's infrastructure has received renewed focus with President Obama's call for $50 billion in new funding and the eruption of a major gas line in northern California. With the developments, the nation's major news media tapped ASCE as an authority on infrastructure. Watch, listen and read the coverage.  Learn more >> 

Vision 2025 Reports Now Translated Into Chinese  Learn more >> 

September 2010

Could You Be ASCE's Next 'New Face' of Civil Engineering?

Are you a young civil engineer 30 or under, working to apply your skills to making a positive impact on the world? You could be one of ASCE's 2011 New Faces of Civil Engineering. One winner from each of the National Engineers Week Foundation's sponsoring engineering societies will be selected as each discipline's New Face, featured in a full-page USA Today spread during next year's EWeek, Feb. 20-26. Download a nomination form -- deadline is Oct. 11!  Learn more >>

ASCE's 140th Annual Civil Engineering Conference – Coming Oct. 21
Are you ready to take on the challenges of the future? Do you have the skills and experience? Don't miss ASCE's 140th Annual Civil Engineering Conference, Oct. 21-23 in Las Vegas, with "Innovating a Dynamic Future" as its theme. Join in the sharing of knowledge, develop game-changing ideas, and become a leader. Register by Oct. 6 and get a discount. Learn more >> 

Raise the Bar Network  Learn more >>  


August 2010

Raise the Bar Network
ASCE's Raise the Bar initiative is being taken to the state level  Stay on top of the Society's efforts to enhance civil engineering education and licensing to ensure that tomorrow's engineers are best able to tackle the infrastructure challenges America faces. Join a new Raise the Bar Network now being formed. Get involved by becoming a Raise the Bar Champion. Apply by Sept. 16 for the first workshop in November.  Learn more >>

ASCE Members Affirm Herrmann as 2011 Society President-Elect, Vote In New Officers
Andrew W. Herrmann, P.E., SECB, F.ASCE, a structural engineer with nearly 35 years of active involvement in ASCE, has been elected the Society's President-elect for 2011. Herrmann will work alongside 2011 President Kathy J. Caldwell, P.E., M.ASCE, and succeed to the presidency in 2012. ASCE members also filled several other leadership positions at the national and regional levels. See who won and what they plan.

ASCE Endorses Asian CE Coordinating Council Joint Communiqué on Sustainability   Learn more >>

Take Survey: Best Ways to Cut Greenhouse Gases in Electric Generation   Learn more >>

Survive & Thrive in a Challenging Economy   Learn more >>

The 2011 OPAL Award Winners  
Learn more >> 

July 2010

Roundtables Aim to Apply Report Card's 'Key Solutions' to States, Localities
ASCE has kicked off a five-city series of roundtable discussions in Houston, seeking ways to put the 5 Key Solutions of ASCE's 2009 Report Card for America's Infrastructure into action at the state and local level. Learn what top officials, including Houston's mayor, and leading civil engineers have said about the challenges and potential answers and how to move forward.  Learn more >>

The 2010 ASCE Election
Are you an ASCE member yet to vote for national and regional leadership in the 2010 election? The polls close at 5 p.m. ET, Aug 13. International members needing help are urged to call 703-295-6300 or email Click for more details on how to vote, and learn about each nominee with biographies and vision statements they wrote.  Learn more >>

Vision, Mission & Goals
ASCE's Board of Direction recently approved some small revisions to the Society's Vision and Mission statements. The changes serve to make the messages more concise without affecting their meaning. See the newly revised statements, plus the Society's official Goals and Priority Strategies.  Learn more >>

Spanish Civil Engineers Endorse Vision 2025, Officially Unveil Translation
The Spanish Association of Civil Engineers, AICCP, has joined China as the second country to embrace ASCE's global Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025. Their translation will be a valuable tool for outreach to other Spanish-speaking countries. Read the news and download the guides.     

Survive & Thrive in a Challenging Economy   Learn more >>

The 2011 OPAL Award Winners  
Learn more >>

2010 Buyers' Guide   Learn more >>

The Unbeatable Bridge   Learn more >>

Insights Podcast Series   Learn more >>

Participate in the 2011 Priority Issues Survey    Learn more >>  

ASCE Monitors the Gulf Oil Spill, Offers Help to Government   Learn more >>  

June 2010

ASCE Monitors the Gulf Oil Spill, Offers Help to Government
In a letter to the White House from ASCE, the Society said it "stands ready to assist the government" with engineering experts in finding solutions to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, including effective cleanup of affected shorelines. Read the letter.

The 2010 ASCE Election

Cast your vote for ASCE's leadership at the national and regional level -- the Society's annual election season opens June 15. Get to know every nominee and their plans if elected in their own words -- read their biographies, vision statements and endorsements via the 2010 ASCE Election page. Learn more >>

Participate in the 2011 Priority Issues Survey   Learn more >>

Who Will Paddle Their Way to Concrete Victory?   Learn more >>  

Take Survey: Best Ways to Cut Greenhouse Gases in Electric Generation   Learn more >>  

Hoover Dam 75th Anniversary Celebration   Learn more >>  

Distinguished Membership   Learn more >>  


May 2010

ASCE President Urges Chinese Engineers to Join Sustainability Efforts
Representing ASCE and the U.S. civil engineering profession, 2010 President Blaine D. Leonard traveled to Beijing to forge greater ties with our Chinese counterparts, to encourage a unified effort to develop and adopt innovative sustainable practices, and to embrace the principles of Vision 2025. Learn more >>

Reports and Publications
Help complete a companion guide to the Society's Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge for the 21st Century. The Guidelines for Attainment of the Experiential Outcomes covers the 15 "outcomes" (BOK2 Outcomes 9-13 and 15-24) that engineer interns will achieve through experience beyond their formal education.  See the draft guide and send us your feedback >>

Journal of Nanomechanics and Micromechanics   Learn more >>

2010 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge Learn more >>

Track Developments in the Gulf Oil Spill  Learn more >>

Get Latest on Southeast-Region Flooding  Learn more >>

New Insights Podcast: Bentley Systems' CEO  Learn more >>

ASCE Honors NYC Bridges as Landmarks    Learn more >>

April 2010

ASCE Team in Chile Blogs About Devastation, Lessons Learned
In Chile following the massive 8.8-magnitude eatrthquake and tsunami, professional engineer Marc Percher is witnessing the devastation to infrastructure firsthand as a member of an ASCE team, and is sharing his observations in a blog he's regularly updating from the scene. Read his fascinating entries >>

Civil Engineers to Study Impacts of Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami
In an effort to learn from Chile's devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake and tsunami on Feb. 27, ASCE is sending three technical assessment teams totaling 34 engineers to the South American nation to study the performance of critical infrastructure systems. Learn more >>

Haiti Assessment Teams
A technical assessment team from the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering traveled to Haiti to study the impact of the January 12, 2010 magnitude 7.0 earthquake on the region’s infrastructure. The team was in Haiti from February 28 to March 6, and during that time they examined the performance of systems such as drinking water and sewage, roads and power supplies, ports and telecommunications, and schools and hospitals; as well as gather information that could aid in sustainable and resilient development efforts. Learn more >>

Newest CE Landmark: Mackinac Bridge  Learn more >> 

2010 Distinguished Members Chosen Learn more >>

Insights Podcast: Hatch Mott MacDonald CEO   Learn more >>