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Articles and Publications

Articles and Publications

President’s Note: Reengineering the Foundation for Our Future
Civil Engineering, July-August 2013
DiLoreto talks about how the Raise the Bar Initiative supports Vision 2025 and cites the letter of support from Richard Fox, Chairman of CDM Smith, outlining challenges for future PEs.

Professional Engineers' License Debate Grows in Intensity
Engineering News-Record, Oct. 22, 2012
Overview of the initiative to raise educational requirements takes a balanced look at the campaign, including the perspectives of ASCE and other proponents, and the views of those opposed.

International Mission to Europe Reinforces Global Commitment to Sustainability, Infrastructure and Raising the Bar
ASCE News, July 2012
ASCE leaders met with engineering association counterparts in the United Kingdom, France, Norway, and Germany in the summer of 2012 to discuss common strategic issues, including raising educational standards. 

Steeper Ascent: Should a Master's be the Minimum for Engineers?
ASEE PRISM (American Society for Engineering Education), Summer 2012
ASCE 2012 President Blaine Leonard is interviewed as part of the article's examination of Raise the Bar. "Our jobs are getting more complex, and those who say they're not getting more complex have their heads in the sand," Leonard said. 

Message From the President: Raise the Bar – It’s Time for Change
ASCE News, May 2012
“In the past 60 years, the world has indeed changed. It’s time that we in engineering keep pace with these changes,” wrote 2012 ASCE President Andrew W. Herrmann, P.E., SECB, F.ASCE, who details several reasons why educational standards need to increase.

President’s Note: The Future of Engineering Licensure
Civil Engineering
, March 2012
Herrmann talks about why additional credit hours are needed and notes how this goal has the support of other associations affiliated with engineering education and licensure. 


To Raise the Bar or Not: Addressing the Opposition
Col. Stephen J. Ressler, Ph.D., the head of the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at the U.S. Military Academy, addresses opposition points of view in this paper presented at the 2012 American Society for Engineering Education annual conference. 

Committee Reports

Paraprofessional Exploratory Task Committee Report, September 2008
Identifies issues related to the integration of paraprofessionals into civil engineering project teams and the civil engineering community

Experience Committee Report, July 2007
This report defines "progressive engineering experience" and outlines a recommended course of action to shape the experiential component of fulfilling the civil engineering body of knowledge. 

Curricula Committee Report, December 2006
Reviews the formal academic requirements necessary to fulfill the body of knowledge. 

Levels of Achievement Applicable to the Body of Knowledge, September 2005
Outlines changes to the definitions of levels of achievement used to define the body of knowledge and recommends possible modifications to the body of knowledge profile that integrates outcomes of levels of achievement, formal education and pre-licensure experience.

Fulfillment & Validation of the Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge, April 2005
Distance learning could someday eclipse conventional on-campus programs as the most common means of attaining engineering education beyond the bachelor's degree. This report recommends means to validate the fulfillment of the Body of Knowledge attained through alternative education.

Engineering the Future of Civil Engineering, October 2001
The first report outlining a vision of full realization of ASCE Policy 465 (regarding the first professional degree) and a strategy for achieving this vision.