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ASCE Supports Raise the Bar

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To protect the public's future health and safety, the minimum educational standards for civil engineers must encompass new knowledge, new technologies, new regulations, and new social issues, while addressing the declining credit hours of a typical undergraduate engineering degree. Learn about ASCE's strategy to reform educational standards for civil engineers through background materials, answers to frequently asked questions, and updates on recent developments as the strategy advances to reality.

Video BlaineVoices of Support
Watch videos featuring three leading civil engineers explaining why they believe it is time to Raise the Bar of educational standards to meet the greater demands expected of civil engineers.  

Policy Statement 465, Academic Prerequisites for Licensure & Professional Practice
ASCE's official Policy Statement 465, Academic Prerequisites for Licensure & Professional Practice, outlines the preparation that will be required for future civil engineering practice. This document summarizes the major issues involved in implementing Policy 465.

BOK coverCivil Engineering Body of Knowledge, Second Edition
ASCE's comprehensive definition of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to enter into professional practice; how the BOK can be fulfilled by tomorrow's aspiring engineers; and who should guide the learning of the engineering student and engineer intern.

The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025
The collective wisdom of 60 engineering experts informs ASCE's aspirational vision of what the future of civil engineering can and should be.

Articles and Publications
Stories from ASCE's Civil Engineering magazine and external sources, plus academic papers, official ASCE publications and ASCE committee reports detailing the genesis of Raise the Bar.   

Related Committees
The civil engineers serving on these four official ASCE committees work to drive forward the Raise the Bar initiative.  

Raise the Bar icon 190Raise the Bar for Engineering
An external website hosted by ASCE where the Society and partner associations make the case for enhanced educational requirements for engineers in many disciplines in addition to civil engineering.